Imobiliarium: Housing supply this autumn is double compared to last year (Demo)

Imobiliarium, the real estate exhibition with the largest number of developers – exhibitors, sums up at the fourth edition a double offer compared to the first edition of May 2017. The growth was registered among the developers – exhibitors, the number of compounds and the available housing.

The fourth edition of the Imobiliarium will take place between October 12-14, 2018, at BricoDepot Băneasa car park, and sums up the biggest real estate offer since the launch of the fair on the market. Besides the organic development of the fair, the increases are also due to the evolution of the market, respectively the constant changes in the buyer’s preferences.

Thus, this autumn edition will accommodate 62 developers, compared to 24 present two years ago, presenting an offer of 88 residential complexes – concentrated in more extensive construction, with several development phases, compared to the 45 exhibited in May 2017. At the same time, the participants in the next month’s fair will be able to choose from approximately 22,600 available homes – double the number of those in the first edition – with a total area of ​​more than 1.8 million square feet.

“A brief comparative analysis of what Imobiliarium means in numbers gives us good results. We do not declare ourselves surprised, but happy that our forecasts have come to the forefront, and the fact that we constantly count on quality has also been reflected in numerical growth. Of course, the effervescence of the real estate market is also reflected in the evolution of the fair, and our forecasts in this direction remain in the same positive note,”said Adrian Stanescu, Project Manager Imobiliarium.

The evolution of the real estate market during this period has, therefore, influenced the development of the fair every year. Among the most significant changes were the level of the requested and offered prices as well as the purchasing preferences.

Thus, the average budget / buyer increased by over 5,000 euros in this temporary period, reaching up to 86,700 euros this year, along with the evolution of the average / mp price, which increased by up to 15% from 2016, up to to 1,150 euro / sqm. At the same time, if at the first edition of the Imobiliarium, the buyers were mainly interested in the Western dwellings, followed by the Eastern, Southern and Northern areas, now the top of preferences is occupied by the Northern area, then Ilfov, West, East.

Also, customers are increasingly focused on buying a home, which dethroned the top three-room apartments, as the first homes were not even in the top 3 purchase preferences. The second place is the 2-room apartment. Percentage, 25% of customers are interested in homes, compared to 10% in May 2017.

A considerable percentage – of 50% – still prefers housing under construction, but the proportions between the purchase of a dwelling already completed and another in the plan have changed. Thus, 35% now buy dwellings in the plan phase, and 15% only completed compared to the 25% vs. 25% met at the first Imobiliarium.

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