In 2019, TAROM will unite all regions of the country through internal flights (Demo)

The General Director of TAROM, Werner-Wilhelm Wolff, said at a meeting with local representatives of travel agencies in Constanta at the end of last week that next year the national airline will have domestic flights that will unite all regions of Romania.

“In 2019, TAROM will unite all regions of Romania with domestic flights. In Constanta, we were present this year through the winter program, shortly after we took over the management, with a  Satu-Mare flight, which has the desired success. In Constanta I have not been present for too long and sincerely, I thought how it would be to connect Bucharest to Constanta and  such a perspective is also taken into account. I see an increased interest for Constanta but the image of seaside tourism has yet to be changed,” Wolff told a meeting hosted by Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport.

TAROM’s general manager has drawn the attention of local tour operators to the quality of the product offered by coastal resorts, claiming that they need to increase the quality of services in order to attract more foreign tourists.

“We are a very attractive country, we have the potential to bring a lot of clientele, but we need to be more organized, more applied. That’s what I expect from you. TAROM allows you to sell on foreign markets, but you have to do something about it too,”  TAROM director said.

In the context, the TAROM official announced that for the year 2019 the airline wants to make available to the Romanian tour operators between 2 and 4 aircraft to serve the charter flights they will organize.

“TAROM is planning for 2019 to have available  2-4 aircraft for travel agencies and so the charter flights  created by tour operators next year will not be affected by the scheduled flights. I declare for the first time that in the autumn of this year, at the International Tourism Fair in Bucharest, we will re-launch Tarom Tours, a division of TAROM that will sell its own packages and charter flights on the market, “Wolff said.

At the end of the meeting, Werner Wilhelm Wolff also said that TAROM considers it a priority to resume flights to China.

“Next year, on October 5th, there are 70 years since Romania officially recognized RP China as a sovereign state, being the third country in the world after the USSR and Bulgaria, and I hope that in this context we will have an event. But again, it is known that most Chinese tourists use their mother tongue and to be attractive on that market we must also look at the French who have public information in tourist areas written in three international languages – French, English and Chinese,” TAROM General Manager mentioned.


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