In the Labyrinth (Demo)


By Anda Ene


What we do every day, the way we live every moment, makes our lives good or bad, in general terms. The choices that we make: where to go, who to meet, what to eat, what to say, where to walk… we are making choices all the time and these pretty much make our lives the way they are, or aren’t.

Maybe some of us only come fully alive at weekends,  the rest of the week we work, crawl and resist until the next holiday lets us recharge. Maybe, you’re waiting, planning all those things you’ll do when the kids have grown up and left or, perhaps, what you’ll do when you finally get that new elevated job position, for which you are sacrificing so much right now. I’m not saying that we needn’t sacrifice, but don’t put your life on hold, for that day in the future when conditions will be “perfect”… that moment may never arrive. The reality is that it probably won’t. Stop postponing, dreaming and wishing, now is the time to begin. Maybe with small steps, maybe just one little step per day, but if one step that is taken everyday pretty soon it’ll build momentum and momentum can carry you forward.

Each moment is equally important, bring all your energy to the present and make the best of it. This is the other way around from what we are used to – we must create with what we have, we must be the best that we can and not wait for the right time or for all the planets to align. In this article, I’ve used a lot of “moment”, “moments”, but it’s unavoidable. Our lives are an immense patchwork of moments, good and bad, colourful and dark, dull and joyful, in straight lines and curved ones, everything comes together in our own individual patchwork. See yourself as the author of your own masterpiece, as a wise and thrifty craftsman, do not disregard or throw out what you do not use now or what you do not like about this or that moment. You may well need it later and it will all make sense then. If we really come to see it from this perspective, we will stop categorizing experiences as good or bad and rather see our experiences as something we can always learn and grow from.

Too often we live our lives on auto-pilot and we skip the moments when we could be looking into ourselves, trying to better understand what we are really doing with our lives. You might ask: “Is this how I want my life to be?” This is an important question and for many of us this question comes around in our 40s, when we start to see ourselves from a different perspective and ask, maybe for the first time, in a conscious way: “What do I really want to do with the rest of my life?” Take that first step.




Anda is a coach and entrepreneur. Working with both private and corporate clients, she manage to orient her coachees towards a positive approach and achieve the desired results.


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