Iulia Scavo, the best sommelier in Romania (Demo)

The evening of September 26 marked an important moment in the wine industry through the final of Sommelier Trophy 2018. During the event at Hotel Pullman, the jury, made up of outstanding representatives from the Romanian and international industry, awarded the great prize of the best sommelier in Romania, IULIA SCAVO.

Four  candidates competed in the final, out of a total of 12 competitors, after a first round of the competition that took place at New Montana Hotel in Sinaia. They came to Bucharest to demonstrate their qualities, passion and abilities, and to delight the audience with a passionate show. Samples proposed in the final were complex and specifically designed to highlight the finest, refined, experienced and top-notch preparation of the four finalists: menu analysis, wine tasting, decanting and serving wine, as well as simulation of customer interaction with sommelier in the restaurant. Following the careful judging, he was named the best sommelier in Romania: Iulia Scavo, the winning sea, followed by Marian Muntean, Filip Florian Zota and Ionut Andries, ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The winner of the grand prize, a sommelier with a 10-year experience, showed a thorough knowledge of beverages, a wide range of complementary information in this field, and amazing ease in communicating with the customer, facilitated by the excellent command of English, French and Romanian. Iulia’s passion is evident in the way she talks about her career: “Wine is culture, heritage, vibration, but also the condensed corpus that gives a thirst for knowledge. In this corpuscular microcosm lies a universe that captures every open book, every viticultural landscape contemplates, every man behind a wine story, and especially with a glass of culture, with history, geography, geology, exact or natural sciences, our intrinsic chemistry, the mathematical rigor of wine-winery science, the majestic nature’s hazard, but also a spirit he happily associates with the visual, auditory, and culinary arts. A sum of precious elements in which I found myself step by step for ten years to lose forever with passion!”.

The grand prize was awarded by  Alexandrion Group and the Sommelier Association of Romania (ASR), the organizers of the 15th edition of the Sommelier Trophy, the most important competition in the wine industry.

” By organizing this Trophy we want to promote this industry and make sure that it receives the support it needs. We are proud to be part of the development of a field that may not be so much promoted in the country, but so respected internationally and offer a launch pad for the most talented and dedicated sommelier. Tonight, the four finalists offered a real show, all of them at an advanced stage in the art of cheery. We trust that Iulia will represent us both locally and internationally at the highest level” , said Razvan Vasile, CEO of Alexandrion Trading.

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