Kid Friendly Restos (Demo)

By Dana Lev

Two fact about me:

  1. I love my girls, they are so adorable and cute and smart. But they also like running around, singing and screaming while inventing dances or fighting with each other.
  2. I also really like to eat out. My husband and I, we love getting dressed up, sitting in a nice restaurant and having a decent glass of wine (or two).

Now, if you are a parent of young kids as we are, you will immediately detect the contradiction between these two facts.

Since we arrived to Bucharest, we started searching for the local culinary trends and look for the best place for us to spend our Sunday lunch with a good meal (and a glass of wine, or two).

Here’s  5 kids friendly places, we liked the most by now, at Sector 1 and Pipera area.



This place surprised me.

It is located far from the eye, hidden between the houses of Pipera, not on a main road.

When you see it from the outside, you don’t really know what to expect, and then you get in, and discover a heaven for parents. Two kids clubs! one for teenageres with music and sceerns and the other for youngers, with big indoor playground.

BTW – try the risotto


The restaurant site:

Address: Str. Serban Cantacuzino, Pipera


Atelier Gourmanderie


I live right next to this place, and had no idea that it had a kids club, in fact, a whole floor dedicated for kids entertainment! The reason is, that it is on the second floor and while passing by the nicely decorated place, you can’t tell it has such a magnificent kids club up stairs. Luckily for me, my girls were invited to a birthday party i here, with delicious pizzas served for parents and kids. This of course made me came back in more intimate family composition. Do NOT miss the goat cheese salad!  

The restaurant site:

Address: Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 67, Pipera


Trattoria Il Calcio

This chain of restaurants, holds several places in different places around town. The one at Herastrau Park is our favorite. We get there after biking around the lake, place the order while the girls keep playing outside, and then after they finish eating, they can go a play quietly at the kids room in the heart of the place. This kids room is a simple one, but still allows them to paint or run around without disturbing the other guests.


The restaurant site:

Address: Șoseaua Nordului



Now, this is a place with a totally different vibe. It is a pub, a club, a hipster bohemian terrace in the middle of the city. It offers live music, fast (good) food and entertainment for all ages.

The little ones can enjoy the outdoor playground, while the bigger kids can go the Virtual reality room that offers more than 400 different games. Or to the climbing zone. This a place to spend a whole day with much pleasure.


Virtual reality

Climbing zone

The restaurant site:

Address: 11 Iunie nr. 50, corp C, sector 4


White Horse

Beautiful restaurant, locates in the heart of Dorobanti neighborhood, offers Italian fresh food, with big variety of salads BUT most importantly, a clean and nice kids play room, where the little ones can release their energy while waiting for the food.


The restaurant site:

Address: Str. George Calinescu, nr. 4A, Sector 1, Bucuresti


I hope this will be helpful to your families to better enjoy your meals together. Pofta Buna!


Dana Lev moved to Bucharest in July 2017.

She owns a Blog in which she tells about her adventures as an expat mom in Romania, her trips with the kids and their Romanian experience.

Take a glimpse at her Blog here (for English press on the google translate button).

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