LIFE Lynx restores the Lynx population of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

Five lynx males from the Romanian Carpathians have set off to rescue the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population from extinction and to preserve it in the long term, within the international project LIFE Lynx (Preventing the Extinction of the Dinaric-SE Alpine Lynx Population Through Reinforcement and Long-term Conservation) which primary objective is saving the Lynx population of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

In order to save the species, there is an urgent need to introduce new individuals from other populations, such as the Carpathians.

The purpose of this action is to capture specimens in selected areas of the Carpathian Mountains (in Romania and Slovakia) and move them to Slovenia, Italy and Croatia.

LIFE Lynx is coordinated by the Slovenian Forest Service and is supported by the Romanian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Waters, facilitating the implementation of the activities of the European project in our country.

The relocation of these beautiful animals was possible with the hard work and dedication from the specialists within the National Forest Administration – Romsilva and the Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity (ACDB) – which is the organization responsible for the project in Romania. The two parties signed a protocol at the beginning of December 2018.

In all of the five cases, the captured Lynxes were quarantined for 30 days and then transferred to one of the partner countries within the LIFE Lynx project.

More information about this action on the page of the European LIFE lynx project:

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