“Life of Bulbs“ by Irina Neacșu at Botanical Gardens in collaboration with Renaissance Art Gallery (Demo)

A watercolor story about the most beloved spring garden flowers. A story of love, time and ephemeral beauty. A story with no beginning and no end, more of a glimpse of the botanical art and artist.

KnowledgeEmotion and Choice.

Irina Neacșu chooses to zoom into the botanical realm and to acknowledge beauty in all its ages, she shares the emotion beyond science and art.

This is the second exhibition when Renaissance Art Gallery (Oana Vișoiu)  collaborates with Irina Neacșu, the first exhibition “From Botanical to Abstract” was held in October 2017 and you can see details of the Opening Night and works still available here.

Irina Neacșu is a designer and botanical artist ASBA. Her work includes various projects, from painting and graphics, to art teaching, applied art and interior design.

In the home&décor sector, she became an international brand exhibiting in various fairs and design events across Europe. Her main collections focus on bespoke upholstery and accent seating furniture, crafted with textile collage and digital print. Irina works on both old and new furniture, restoring and personalizing items in the specific needs of her clients. Her design collections include home accessories and furniture, from unique to small series.

In painting and graphics, her fascination about botanical subjects becomes the main theme, that she carries from classical to abstract in various techniques. Her work focuses both on portraying the beauty of flowers, and their ephemeral charm and mortality. The naturalistic painting and intense observation lead Irina’s work through various expression, such as classical botanical illustration, ink and graphic works, abstract and surrealistic oil painting. She delivers also upon request, adapting her work to specific projects.

For more details, please contact [email protected] or at 0722381325.

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