Life on The Open Sea (Demo)

By Liviu Bugu

It all started with a childhood dream. I was 13-14 years old and I would skip school and go down to Constanța’s Tomis Harbor. I really enjoyed seeing the boats and the yachts there. They made me dream and inspired in me feelings of freedom. Above all, I dreamed of buying an old sailing boat, reconditioning it and setting off on a long sea voyage. I tried this, but it was impossible for many reasons: work, space, time, money, parental pressure, etc. For many years I remained on land and just dreamt about the sea and the ocean and sailing. Over the years though, those dreams gelled and they led me to establish Setsail Yachting School. My maritime adventure had properly began. An innocent child’s dream had come true.

The cruises that we offer are not only for those who just want to enjoy moments of relaxation offshore, away from everyday stress, but for those  who want to experience sailing properly.

What could be more relaxing than lying in the sun, the waves rocking you, the cooling sea breeze, a glass of chilled white and the shore just barely visible on the horizon?

Besides relaxing, you can also be an active member of the crew, so you can learn the navigation techniques. Nothing compares to the pleasure of travelling by the power of the wind alone, in perfect silence, without the stress of an engine.

 Our packages begin at 3 hours and can last up to 3 days with accommodation and meals aboard the boat.

Our yachts have 4 rooms for 2 people in each, living room with kitchen, stove, oven, refrigerator, audio system, 2 toilets with showers and hot water. 


3 hours – Mamaia

Departing from Tomis harbor, we will sail along Modern Beach, and then parallel to Mamaia resort up to the Năvodari camp. For those eager to take a swim in the sea, we can make a stop. Of course, anyone interested in learning how to sail can participate as an active crew member.

This 3 hour cruise will be just enough to “taste” the pleasure of sailing. Many dolphins visit us on this route. | Price – 100 lei/person

6 hours – Corbu Beach

Corbu beach is the newest beach on the Romanian Black Sea coast, located only a short distance from the famous resorts of Mamaia and Năvodari to the south and the Danube Delta in the North. This beach is a secluded, wild and pristine, the sand is fine and the water is clean. This beach is a favourite with tourists looking for an oasis of peace – there are no loudspeakers pumping out dance music, no clubs or beach parties or five-star hotels, the only noise is that of the waves lapping.

Departure is again from the port of Tomis and we’ll sail along the Mamaia resort, passed the former Năvodari camp and the Rompetrol refinery, after which we anchor in the area of ​​Corbu beach for one hour, during which you can swim, lounge in the sun or enjoy a cold beer on the yacht.

With luck we will also see dolphins who regularly appear near our boats. | Price – 150 lei/person



6 hours – Costinești

Costinești Station is an the extension of the village with the same name, about 30 km away from the city of Constanța, between Tuzla (north) and Olimp (south). Known as the resort of the youth, Costinești welcomes its guests with a joyful and animated atmosphere.

The beach of the resort is watched by the two symbols of Costinești – the Obelisk and the wreck of the Evangelia Ship, sunken in 1960. 

Departing from Tomis harbor, we will head south, leaving behind the Casino – the symbol of Constanța and then along the Constanța and Agigea harbors. We will anchor for a lunch break near the famous wreck. | Price – 150 lei/person

1 day – Vadu

Departure from the port will be at 09.00. On our route we will navigate in parallel with Mamaia resort and Năvodari camp, we pass the Rompetrol refinery and Corbu beach and around lunch time we get to Vadu. Here we’ll anchor and go ashore with th dinghy. Guests can dine at the resort’s restaurant, renowned for its fish specialties or you can enjoy the beach. The break will be two hours. We will return to the port around 7 pm. | Price – 200 lei/person


1 day – Limanu

This cruise is one of the most beautiful one at the Romanian seaside. We navigate in parallel with all seaside resorts, we see Cap Tuzla, stop at the famous wreck of the Evanghelia ship in Costinești, cross the Aurora Head and enter the Mangalia naval yard in what appears to be a fiord – Lake Limanu. This area has been declared an Avifaunistic Special Protection Zone of and is especially beautiful. After 30 minutes of sailing on this lakeside, we reach the most beautiful marina in the country – Marina Limanu, a special place for sailing lovers. The seafood restaurant offers some of the best seafood in the country. On the return leg, we’ll stop for a swim in the sea. | Price – 250 lei/person



2 days – Balcic (Bulgaria)

Balchik is a town on the Black Sea coast, in the Dobrich region of northeast Bulgaria, located 42 km from Varna. It is currently one of Bulgaria’s Black Sea biggest tourist attractions. Between 1913 and 1940, it belonged to the Kingdom of Romania, along with the rest of Southern Dobrogea, following the Second Balkan War (June-August 1913). In 1940, the Cadrilater, including Balchik, was regained by Bulgaria. Here, the Balchik Castle can be found, Queen Mary’s favorite summer residence, surrounded by the most famous botanical garden in Central and Eastern Europe, especially due to the cactus collection.

Because of the limestone slopes in its perimeter, the town was named the White City. The whole area was called the Silver Coast for the same reason.

Departure from the port will be at 8 am after the completion of the exit formalities in the country. On our route we will navigate parallel to the southern resorts: Eforie, Costinești (where you can admire the famous wreck), Neptun, Vama Veche. In Bulgaria, we sail near the shore to enjoy the spectacular cliffs between Cape Shabla and Cape Kaliakra.

In the evening we arrive to Balchik where there are many restaurants and tavernas that offer a menu rich in fish and seafood. There is a distinctly Greek island feel. It is the only resort on the Romanian and Bulgarian seaside with a truly Mediterranean air.

Clubs in Balchik are very welcoming and animated so that the lovers of decibels and agitation will feel great. For those who prefer peace, a glass of wine served aboard the yacht will remain a memory sure to entice your return. The next morning we “weigh anchor” and head back to Tomis. We will arrive around 20-21.00.

Contact: 0724384850 |

[email protected]

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