Local and Global Blueberry Farm Fresh to Bucharest (Demo)

We are Dealul cu Afine, an organic direct to home, pre-order, Blueberry farm snugly ensconced between Fagaras mountains and the Poiana Narcisilor forest reserve. We don’t even have roads to get to our farm so nothing even dares pollute our fruit! 

This farm is not our business, it’s us. An extension of us. Our value system. Since 2016 when we took over the farm we have managed to grow it gently, nurtured it wisely. We have not allowed for any commercial pressures to ruin the beautiful fruits we produce. We dig in and fight everyday while people around us go commercial from organic given the absence of labour, the back breaking hard work organic farming requires. There is no quick fix in organic farming – no pesticide no heribicide, no stimulants. There is only nature and its beauty!

Video by Alex Ion of Lilebuba.ro

Our business model – pre-order, home delivery in 24-48 hours also saves us from cultivating fruits from plants that have not been hybridized just for shelf life or in using additives to increase shelf life, which most supermarket fruits have to go through!

We will open in the second week of May for Pre- orders. Do join our Facebook page and instagram page for notifications as we run out of these delicious fruits before you can say ‘Uncle who? ‘ 🙂 

Stay safe, eat well and stay strong! 

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