Lock Down Dining Delights (Demo)

One aspect of daily life that has become very clear during this lockdown period is the value of food. Many of us have been cooking up a storm, but equally many of us have been trawling various sites seeking delivery solutions. It does bear stating right here and now that the delivery situation in Bucharest has improved immeasurably upon where it was even 12 months ago. I think it’s safe to say that this crisis has accelerated improvements in this area, from Food Panda to UberEats.

Right here I’d like to highlight four absolute crackers that we’ve been treating ourselves to this past two months:

Firstly there’s a newcomer called Sana’s Kitchen Hut which delivers authentic, delicious Indian/Pakistani food to your door (mostly North Bucharest but contact them to see). The food is fresh and hot and you don’t need to worry too much about the menu. They’ll tell you what’s on the menu that night and you just select what you want but this is best done with a little notice – like a day or two. Your foresight will be richly rewarded and now it’s possible to have friends round this is a great way of catering. 

Secondly there’s firm favourite Sushi 2 Go, another stalwart with fresh sushi that always hits the mark and delivered all around the Pipera area. Check out the revamped menu on their Facebook page.

Now, Bucharest has no shortage of Turkish restaurants, some might even say they are the culinary saving grace of the city, but some are better than others. Few, however, are quite as good as Turquoise, which really takes things to another level. This restaurant has boosted its whole delivery operation and can now deliver city-wide. Distinctly superior Turkish cuisine. Check out their menu here.

A restaurant genre where there is a distinct shortage in Bucharest so far is Thai. Head and shoulders above all others is Kunchai, now delivering citywide too. If you’ve not sampled Kunchai cuisine before you are in for a rare treat. Visit their website to see the menu – kunchai.ro.

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