Lunus Plinus and Andrei take kids on unforgettable adventures in new books by Andreea Micu (Demo)

Kids’ author Andreea Micu launched on November 15 two books including new adventures of Lunus Plinus and Andrei.

With the help of illustrator and designer Alina Maria Margulescu, the author takes children age 4 to 14 on an unforgettable Christmas journey and helps them discover kindness and love in the two new books of the series: “Lunus Plinus și Miracolul Crăciunului” and “Lunus Plinus și Andrei, pe Pământ nu Faci ce Vrei!”

“Stories have always guided my life, being a significant part of who I am.  When I became a mother I knew I would pass on to my kids my love for storytelling. This is how the stories of Lunus Plinus and Andrei were born and these books have brought me enormous joy which I hope to share with all the readers and listeners of these stories”, says author Andreea Micu.

The second book of the series ”Lunus Plinus și Andrei” is called “Lunus Plinus și Miracolul Crăciunului” and is a special Christmas story about the journey of Lunus Plinus to the North Pole, revealing the spirit of this holiday and the true character of Santa Claus.

The third book – “Lunus Plinus și Andrei, pe Pământ nu Faci ce Vrei!” – is a a great story about kindness and love which unfolds in a much more complex narrative that takes children through some of the most important Romanian traditions, while presenting them in a playful manner, the essential moral pillars of humans.

The new books are available in all Carturesti bookstores and Seneca Anticafe in Bucharest (where the launching event took place) and can also be bought online on,, and

Andreea Micu was born in 1985 and grew up listening to the stories of her great grandmother and grandmother which she learnt by heart. Later on, when her first child was born, she started inventing stories every night to help him sleep. She is a lawyer and owns a winery located in the sunny hills of Dragasani, Valcea County, thus continuing a family tradition.

Alina Maria Margulescu was born in 1983 and has always been passionate about design and fashion. She spent most of the time as a child drawing and making clothes. She is now a fashion designer, creator of the brand MAM, whose collections were presented on famous catwalks in Milan and Paris.


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