Macin winery launched a limited edition of wine – Mostenirea (Demo)

Last week, in an elegant setting, guests, journalists, influents, bloggers and celebrities took place, the launch of the limited edition wine, Mostenirea, produced by  Macin Winery.

Keeping the stamp of Romanian tradition, the 1918 limited edition bottles represent a hommage brought to the celebration of the Centenary.

Mostenirea Wine is a blend of Black Feathers and Blackheads. An 80% Fetească Negră, vinified separately from the Black Male, baricated to print fine notes of vanilla and spice. It is a medium-sized wine with soft tannins and 13 degrees of alcohol, perfectly integrated. Surprisingly with the intense aromas of red fruit (raspberries, cherries, ripe cherries), plums, blackcurrants, as well as floral notes and sweet spices. It is a young wine that if given the opportunity to aged in glass will tell the story of the place in aromatic tones.

It can be matched with matured cheeses and with red meat and game. Breaded pig, lamb, stew, red cabbage duck are just a few of the suggestions for a successful combination.

Crossing the Danube by ferry, from Braila to Smardan, we pass to northern Dobrogea. Sunburned and windy, set between the Danube and the Great, Dobrogea has a unique geographic profile in Europe and a history that goes up in time to the creators of Gumelnian ceramics and the Thinkers of Hamangia. A 13-kilometer-long dike unites Smârdanul with Măcin City, advancing through spectacular scenery, next to Măcin Braţ or Old Danube. On the left, the contours of the Macin Mountains are already seen as dinosaur backs; their peaks – once more proud than the Carpathians – barely reach 450 meters today. As you get closer to Măcin, the Old Danube remains on the right, its way upside down the route to the point where it descends from the main course, to surround the Great Island of Brăila.

By taking the main road leading to Tulcea, we enter the oldest viticultural area known on the land of Dobrogea – Podgoria Sarica Niculiţel. Măcin, Niculiţel and Tulcea are the wineries that make up this vineyard, each with its specificity, which gives the wines distinct features. Forming a line somewhat parallel to the Old Danube, on the north-south direction, the Măcin wine-growing center comprises the settlements around the Măcin Mountains. Niculiţel’s hills form a parallel aisle to the Măcin Mountains and is the second vineyard of the vineyard, while the Tulcea Hills form the third viticultural area and includes the villages between Somova and Tulcea from west to east.

Nowadays, in Măcin, a wide range of wines are produced, bearing the spot, original in the presentation and with good value for money. Besides, the wine road in Tulcea County starts at Măcin, more precisely at Alcovin Măcin. The Dobrogeana Wine Cellar and Terente’s Cellar are already featured in the touristic circuit, offering wine tasters and traditional menus tasting accompanied by wines from the Carcaliu and Cerna vineyards.

Among the white wines, specific to the vineyard Sarica Niculiţel, there is also the Aligoté (the French variety originally). It is dry, full of mineral, “smelling” the soil, but also flowers, when it is very fresh and young, the Aligoté fits well with the Danube fish, but also with the goat or sheep cheese. The White Wine Assortment is complemented by Royal Fetească and Tămâioasă Românească (Romanian varieties), but also Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier and Muscat Ottonel, international varieties with very good results in Romanian vineyards. The red wines of Macin are obtained from Fetească Neagră, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

SC Alcovin SRL was founded in 2002, having as main activity the wine production, bottling and marketing. It is a member of the Dobrogei Hill Professional Association (member of ONIV) and since its inception has implemented the food safety management system, based on the HACCP principles.

From October 27, 2011, Alcovin is the official supplier of the Royal House of Romania. Renatus, Royal Court, Tres Rosae, Pelegrin and Three Arm are the brands under which wines from cultivated varieties are marketed and promoted.

Mostenirea Wine can only be ordered from

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