Made in RO: 100 years of Romanian branding (Demo)

What the Romanians bought 100 years ago an illustrated retrospection of national commercials and brands of the past .

Between October 22 and November 25 2018  the itinerant project Made In RO : 100 years of Romanian branding will take place in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara, through which Asociatia ESCU wants to bring for the first time in the cultural landscape an unusual page from the intimate history of the country, that of the flagship but also less famous brands. Some of these brands have evolved over a century of existence, others have disappeared in the mists of time. Advertising is a part of Romania’s history, the commercial or the “soul of trade”, as it is called, presents us with another facet and offers an honest radiography of society and the way in which the significant events of the time influenced the consumption and redimension of the brands in more than 100 for years. The main art exhibition will be hosted by creative conferences and workshops.

The ambition of the project is to capture a historical line of local brands through an illustrated retrospective of Romanian publicity contained in authentic objects of memorabilia, packaging, posters, graphic materials, propaganda, models, various products that can tell about the evolution of consumer goods, but also the use of the people’s shopping in the country for decades, technical and industrial innovations, changes in style and fashion, mentalities, the emergence and development of creative industries in Romania, but may be especially anthropological traces for the image of society in various moments of his.

Main activities within the project:

  1. The traveling exhibition  will take place in  Bucharest (October 22-28 at AWE, Adaptive Work Environment, Ground floor of Universul Palace), Cluj-Napoca (9-14 November) and Timisoara (November 15-19, House of Arts, Timis County Cultural Directorate ) , in the time interval  00-21.00 , according to the chronological order of the appearance of the brands and advertisements: (1) the pre-war period and 1918 – the First World War, (2) the interwar period, (3) World War II and the post-war period ) Communism, which coincides with the emergence of the most popular Romanian mass-produced brands, (5) After the ’89 and the re-starts of the Romanian publicity, the autochthon brands succeeded in reinventing and surviving in capitalism.
  1. conferences
  • After ’89: brands of yesterday and today – the survival of the communist brands and their transformation into national ambassadors

Location: Bucharest, October 25, 19:00

Subject: A retrospective of consumer brands from interwar or communism that have survived in one form or another or adapted to the demands of capitalist society. Reinventing the Romanian Trademarks, accommodating a “new” public and a different rhetoric. About resistance and rebranding.

Guests : specialists and pioneers in the creative industries, advertisers, journalists

  • Roma entrepreneurship founders â not removed – the people behind the brands

Location: Bucharest, October 26, 19:00

Topic: A review of the most important or interesting aspects of the history of Romanian entrepreneurship (about the characters behind the business), especially the beginning of the century and the way in which some of the brands have developed or disappeared the most famous Romanian brands.

Presentation supported by : Dumitru Lăcătuşu , historian and co-founder of the Historical Consulting Center and Florian Ciobanu , curator and collector “Old Romanian Comercials 1840-1995”.

  • The Cluj Story: branding lessons or how to build a brand of a city

Location: Cluj-Napoca, November 12, 17.00

Subject: The success stories of the various local initiative groups in Cluj-Napoca that have succeeded in transforming the city into a brand at local and national level through a variety of public, private and public projects, campaigns and campaigns in a regional pole development, making it more attractive for tourism and private investment, but also for its inhabitants.

Guests: institutional representatives, civil society, academia and university

  1. Educational Creative Workshops (Bucharest)

AntiManual Romanian Advertising : Romanian branding course held in two high schools of economic and technological profile in Bucharest – from theory to practice, from idea, packaging and positioning on the market. Branding and advertising graphics workshops that will take the form of incubators of ideas and practices that can illustrate the young people’s vision of how to reinvent some Romanian brands. The workshops will be organized by the trainers Cosmin Chiriţă and Adrian Ierulescu.

Summary of represented brands: Mociornita, Bragadiru, Rhein and Azuga, tailoring and inter-war shoe shops, Costescu hat store, socks and knitwear at Solovici, Lindenberg toys, Mott & Fils, Victoria, Carpathian or Mobra mopeds , then Guban, Adesgo stockings, Timisoreana stockings, Borsec, Cristal and Kalodont toothpaste, Malaxa locomotives, Romanian lottery, CEC, Luboil-Unirea oil, Illustrated Reality Magazine, Morning and National Tourism Office, Hodor and Makove clockworks, cigarettes Carpathians, Cat’s and Cheia Soap, Tungsram MR Lamps, Cooperator Craftsman Medias, Electrogaz Radiator, Standard Phone Factory, Podgoreanu Vinegar, PECO, CI-CO, Cromoplatin Hair Dacia, Eugenia Biscuits, Mirela Chocolate and ROM,Cooking Machines, Cookware 1, Dero, ARO, Vacuum Ideal, Danubiana, Nufărul, Optimef, Pegas, Farmec, Zarea, Supco, Miraj TVs, Unirea and Victoria stores, Brifcor, and Connex.

The project is the found or discovered spirit of a particular period and an opportunity for documenting and enjoying the passion for visual arts, design, fashion, advertising, media history, communication people, but also for the general public.

The official opening will take place in Bucharest, on October 22 , starting at 19.00, at AWE, ground floor of the Universul Palace , starting with a live concert of the Aida and Noi music project . Entry is free single of all project activities.

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