Marian Simon, the only painter exhibited in Turnul Sfatului from Sibiu during FITS 2018 (Demo)

 SAMSARA by Marian Simon – surrealist graphic exhibition at Council Tower in Sibiu – is the first art exhibition to , be included in the schedule of Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the second largest theater festival in Europe.

What: SAMSARA – SURREAL GRAPHIC ART exhibition, DRESSED IN COFFEE by Marian Simon, a Romanian surreal graphic artist and student of Marcel Chirnoaga a genius of surreal art. The visual art will be accompanied by SURREAL poetry made by Jack Simon from Israel.

Where: Tower of Council (Turnul Sfatului), Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania – the exhibition is part of the International Theater Festival in Sibiu (FITS), opening Saturday 9th of June 2018 at 12 noon. The exhibition is opened from 1 June to 1 August 2018.

You can find details here –

“I have never been a coffee drinker, but this didn’t stop me for being fascinated with its color, the vintage color of elegance, refinement, the classic, the oneiric, the dream, the subconscious, of psychoanalysis and, ultimately, of surreal art.

The term “samsara” is tightly connected to the notions of “avidya” and “karman”. Samsara designates the circuit of existence in the world according to the formula birth-death-rebirth. The beings are reincarnated according to their past- life deeds and this life is followed by another. This fundamental law of transmigration (samsara) is based on Indian philosophy and religious beliefs.” – Marian Simon

The wash tint of all the artworks in this exhibition is nothing but COFFEE and Marian uses on the coffee background INK with a bit of white acrylic to finalize its  graphics works  of 100×70 cm that were part of SAMSARA exhibition at Renaissance Art Gallery, Bucharest in May 2017 and  to create smaller works for the move of SAMSARA in Sibiu in 2018.

The rest is art, philosophical thought, surreal graphics, coffee and the silence of dreams.

What is Surreal Art?

<Bringing the dream into immediate reality without passing anything through the censorship of consciousness> Salvador Dali

The initial works of SAMSARA and their philosophic explanations you can admire here

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