Matița – Island Paradise in the Danube Delta (Demo)

Selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, the Danube Delta is one of Europe’s most spectacular natural reservations. Occupying a unique place in the heart of the Delta, near both Matiţa and Babina Lakes, Matiţa Island offers isolation, wilderness and tranquillity.

The island of Matiţa is located 45 km from Tulcea, in the middle of the triangle formed by Chilia Veche, Sulina and Mila 23, at the intersection between Matiţa and Babina Lakes. Administratively, it belongs to the village of Chilia Veche, one of the oldest settlements in the Delta region. The Greek colony Achillea (named after Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War) was established here in 334 BC and later fortified by Alexander the Great. In medieval maps, it appears as a Genoese fortress, an important place for the Genoese merchants’ activity at the mouth of the Danube. At present, only the defence ditches of the fortress and the entrance from the channel Chilia – Batag and Tătaru bifurcation are visible.

The 6,280 sqm island has an elongated, boomerang-like shape and features no less than 8 buildings, comprising a built-up area of more than 1,300 sqm: accommodation units, a fishery, and technical and administrative buildings. All buildings maintain the traditional architectural character of the place and are roofed with reeds and were all completely renovated last year.

Set in the heart of the Delta, this beautiful island is perfectly placed to exploit its touristic potential and is ready to resume its former function as a guesthouse with plentiful comfortable accommodation as well as its own fishery.

This amazing property is on the market with an asking price of 350,000 euros

See for more information and scan the QR code to watch dedicated video about the property.

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