Mihai Eminescu Trust celebrates 20 years of activity in Romania

Twenty years ago, Mihai Eminescu Trust was established in Romania. At that time its first projects were focusing on specific interventions on the built heritage of Transylvania’s villages. With an aim to revitalize the existing multicultural communities, we trained local craftsmen on working with traditional regional materials and on using traditional construction techniques.

We then turned our attention to the development and consolidation of what we call the “new communities”. This was achieved through the promotion of local cultural values and by identifying and restoring the emotional connection between the community members and its natural and cultural heritage. This is how MET developed step by step the “Whole Village Project”, representing a concept that for twenty years has been constantly adapting to local needs in order to revitalise and develop the rural communities sustainably as well as to support these communities in improving their life quality and becoming self-sufficient.

In 20 years of activity, Mihai Eminescu Trust developed and implemented over 1250 projects of different scopes, across 115 locations, with an overall value of more than 11, 4 million Euros.

MET’s philosophy is based on the love and recognition for the values arisen from the experience of past generations that are adapted to the needs of contemporary life. For 20 years, we believe in the richness brought about by ethnic diversity and multicultural integration. Through these values, we live in the present and act with integrity and responsibility for the greater good, for long-term results and for the benefit of future generations. We believe in partnerships that are based on trust and integrity wanting to establish harmony within communities and to focus on improving the villagers’ quality of life as well as revitalise Romania’s natural and cultural heritage.

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