More than 1,000 accommodation places open for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Delta, twice more than last year (Demo)

More hotels and boarding houses in the Delta, which accumulate more than 1,000 accommodation places, have announced their intention to stay open to receive Christmas and New Year’s tourists, thus doubling as compared to last year the available accommodation capacity, according to a study by Green Village, the 4-star resort in Sfântu Gheorghe, managed by the Eurolines Romania Group.

Hoteliers expect that more and more tourists, including some holiday vouchers who have not found a summer spot in the summer, will choose the Delta for  Christmas and New Year, a cheaper, warmer destination less crowded than mountain resorts during winter holidays.

Several important hotels and several guesthouses in the Delta remain open this winter for the winter holidays, while some of the accommodation facilities of this destination have already closed their doors and the other will close their doors in mid-October. However, accommodation structures that remain open until January 3, in order to organize both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, accumulate over 500 rooms or more than 1,000 seats.

By comparison, last year, for Christmas and New Year’s Eve only about 500 places were available in the Danube Delta. “Now, this autumn shows a 25% increase in demand for the Danube Delta. Now, in mid-September, we have a 75% occupancy rate over 65% last year, and for October we estimate that the resort will be occupied in a proportion of 45% compared to 22% in October 2017,” said Laurentiu Butuc, general manager of Green Village Resort.

The number of tourists coming to the Delta in winter increases strongly for several reasons: more and more foreign tourists come, Romanian companies organize various events during this period, and the number of those who choose Delta for Christmas and New Years at the expense of mountain resorts , grows strong because a stay in the Delta is cheaper for New Years than in the middle of the summer, while winter holidays in mountain resorts are the most expensive in the year. At Green Village, for example, a three-night package of Christmas accommodation with full board, traditional meals and entertainment program costs 230 euros per person, and a similar New Year Package is priced at 335 euros per person.

“In the Delta it is not so cold in winter, or anyway not as cold as in the mountains. The people come here for the winter holidays as an alternative to the agglomeration, the agitation and the high prices on the Prahova Valley. Christmas or New Year’s Eve The weather is milder, winter is like a late autumn, the Danube does not freeze until mid-January, and tourists can take a boat trip, fish and watch the birds of prey.We expect that in the next two months, but especially for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, to have a large number of vacation vacationers,” Laurenţiu Butuc said.

Those who love nature will find that during this period, the predatory birds come to the Delta, and that there are various activities ranging from classic fishing and hunting, to boat trips, visits to various archaeological sites, monasteries and churches and so on In addition to the above, tourists can enjoy the spa & sauna, fitness, kid’s club, book lounge, brasserie and cinema. Those who love gastronomy will discover a mix of unique dishes in Romania. In the Delta, the food is still cooked with old recipes, kept unaltered by the inhabitants.

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