More than 50 wine bars and wine shops have appeared on the map of Bucharest in recent years (Demo)

About 50 wine bars and specialized shops have been opened in Bucharest in recent years, some dedicated exclusively to wines, and others that offer complementary products such as delicacies, bakery products or gifts, alongside the growing interest of Romanian consumers for wines quality, Romanian and foreign. 

The capital currently has more than 50 wine and wine bars, whose offer includes more than 60% of local varieties, which contributes to the promotion of wine and wine tourism in Romania.

Every year, 2-3 new specialized wine and wine bars were opened in  Bucharest, meant to complement the map already outlined in the past five years. A significant increase in wine bars and shops is also felt in other cities in the country, such as Timisoara or Cluj-Napoca, where wine consumption is also good, according to an analysis by and

This trend confirms the increasing interest and education of the consumers regarding the wine, especially the Romanian, but also the imported one. In recent years, due to this phenomenon, more and more wine cellars have appeared on the Romanian market, usually active on the premium segment. And their main outlet is HoReCa’s specialized stores and stores.

“The atmosphere inside a store and its philosophy make the difference between a sterile and a comfortable shopping experience. Wine selection, storage temperature and interaction with qualified staff are three important advantages that these places offer compared to large chains supermarkets and hypermarkets, “says Alina Iancu, the analyst.

A careful selection  may be less intimidating for a buyer in the process of choosing a wine. Some shops have a selective approach, so they mainly have wine from small wine cellars. In fact, a large number of specialized stores do not sell trademarks, especially if they are available elsewhere or in supermarkets.

The share of Romanian wines in the total offer in these stores exceeds 60%, the local varieties being increasingly demanded and appreciated. The main criteria for choosing a wine are the color (white, red or rosé) and then the sugar content (dry, semi-sweet, semi-sweet or sweet) or grape variety. Wine tastings take place more and more often in Romania, especially when the wine cellars launch new brands or wines.

Most wine bars sell wine also for home, and their price is reduced by 15-25% compared to the menu.

The most tender areas are the Old Center, Floreasca and Dorobanti, these being true poles of restaurants, cafes and bars. The prices of the wines served on the glass vary depending on the type of wine, but also on the area where the shops or wine bars are located. Thus, white wines served in the glass are priced between 15-30 lei / 150 ml and red wines are priced between 15-40 lei / 150 ml. Old wines or produced by certain winemaking methods can also be priced between 50-80 lei / 150 ml.

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