My Beloved Bucharest (Demo)

ANDREI BIRSAN, Founder of the “My beloved Bucharest/Bucurestiul meu drag” Association. 

“I had the chance to start photographing Bucharest during the demolition period. The photos taken then and now tell the story of the city, as well as ours, as it was, as we lived it through the years.

Today, I like to photograph the city’s inhabitants more, and capture the life of the city in vivid colors. The city without people is just scenery.

I founded ”Bucurestiul meu drag” Association and the Visual Memory Center of Bucharest ( as a family album. As we all have a family photo album at home, Bucharest needed one, too.”

Calea Victoriei

Centrul Vechi, Lipscani Old Town

Centrul Vechi, Lipscani Old Town

Piața Revoluției

Piața Presei Libere

Andrei Birsan
You can follow Andrei’s work and photos of Bucharest on his Facebook page, @Bucurestiulmeudrag

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