New exhibition of hand-painted porcelain and porcelain jewelry (Demo)

Wagner Arte  will open on April 24 at 18.30 the exhibition “Deep in the heart of the garden”, signed by the painter Vadim Cretu. In the opening will speak the famous painter Stefan Câlţia.

The theme of the collection is the birds and its message is the joy and the mystery of life. The collection includes pieces of porcelain and porcelain jewelry hand-painted by Vadim Creţu and was made in collaboration with Ana Wagner and the Wagner Arte Frumoase and Stories workshop. In addition to the pieces presented at the opening, a collection of print and limited series will appear later.

The exhibition is part of the Wagner Arte workshop series of well-known artists. The idea behind the initiative of Ana and Irina Wagner, the co-owners of Wagner Arte, was to enrich porcelain art with works made for the first time on this fine material of well-known paintings and graphics in Romania.

The opening of the exhibition will take place at the “Qreator by IQOS” headquarters (8A Aviatorilor Boulevard).

Vadim Creţu, a plastic artist, is a graduate of the Academy of Arts in 1996, painting section, in the class of master artist Ştefan Câlţia, who would become his mentor and, in time, his best friend.

If last year he caught us with a personal exhibition titled ” Hortus Conclusus”  hosted by Carol’s Galleries in Bucharest this time the artist deepens the exploration of the same theme in works done in a different technique he addresses for the first time time  –  painting on porcelain.

The subject of the exhibition ” Deep in the heart of the garden”  is the bird, a theme that Vadim Creţu approached from his previous thematic preoccupation, the garden. The artist chose to represent on each porcelain object of the series a different bird, sealing each topic of context, treating it as an individual study. The static and essential character of these works is a spectacular antithesis with vibrant chromaticity. Thus seemingly silent, seemingly tied to the gleaming clay of the tea pots, Vadim Cretu’s birds still seem to be waiting for some songs and future flights, now latent somewhere deep in the heart of the garden.

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Ana Wagner is one of the plastic artists who have marked the art of porcelain painted in Romania in recent years.

Ana Wagner is founder and co-owner, alongside her sister, Irina Wagner, of the workshop and gallery “Wagner beautiful arts and stories.”

Ana Wagner is the designer of the Wagner Arte creations that she performs alongside a team of workshop artists.

Ana loves fantasy and rigor alike, and that’s what she sees in the products of her studio. Creation, Ana thinks, does not mean chaos or bohemia, but it involves discipline, order, and professionalism. As rigorousness without fantasy and without the shimmering of talent is pure mediocrity, platitude.

The brand “Wagner Fine Arts and Tales” imposed itself on the stage of Romanian manufactures by the stories on porcelains with classic hand painting techniques. The combination of the rigor of handmade technique – always refined – and the fantasy of the subjects is characteristic of the Wagner brand.

Anna likes the man’s modest manners on his job and enjoys hearing that “Wagner beautiful arts and stories” is a small victory of beauty in a world haunted too much by bad taste and ugly.

The exhibition can be visited from 25 April to 24 May in the Wagner Arte showroom in Cotroceni.

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