A-frame houses: new, refreshing, green (Demo)

You may think that A-frame houses are a thing of the past, but this housing company will convince you otherwise.


‘The A-frames were popular in the 70s, but due to insulation issues they were mainly used as summer homes,’ Mr Indrek Kuldkepp, CEO of A-frame company Avrame, explains, ‘but this has long been solved. It’s time to re-evaluate this approach.’



Kuldkepp – living in an A-frame himself – says that with his two decades operating on the international wooden housing market, one of the things he has learned is that all houses comprise mainly of three cost elements: building/purchasing costs, utility and maintenance costs.

According to Kuldkepp, in nine cases out of ten, if you buy a house for a low price, you can bet its maintenance and utility costs will be high for years to come and vice versa. He calls this ‘the price seesaw’.





According to Kuldkepp, the Avrame company was built around the idea that buying and owning a house should be affordable. ‘There is no reason on this green Earth why a house should be expensive,’ he says. The core idea for Avrame was namely this – remove all the ‘bells and whistles’ that simply add to the price, optimize the design, and see what you are left with. ‘Quite a lot, actually,’ Kuldkepp says.

‘By purchasing a home kit from Avrame, you’re not just getting a good purchase price, but a good maintenance price as well,’ he elaborates. ‘We don’t just sell the A-frames, but the know-how on affordable living as well. No other company normally does that,’ he adds. 

‘You can, of course, ignore our tips and guidelines and add all the bells and whistles you can think of,’ he continues, ‘but that’s the beauty of it – it will be your decision. With most housing solutions you do not have that choice.’

According to Kuldkepp, the best thing about the Avrame houses is the price/quality ratio. ‘Every salesman will tell you that their houses are the best value, but in our case, that’s actually true,’ says Kuldkepp, and urges you to take competitive quotes. 

‘A cost efficient house will, of course, leave you less mortgage to pay, so you might say that our company is effectively helping you pay off your mortgage quicker.’



Avrame houses are good for off-the-grid living as well.

‘Technically speaking, my home is off-grid,’ Kuldkepp says, adding that when he started building his new A-frame, the lot was nothing but forest, whereas now there stands a cozy three-story home, with its independent electricity (he uses solar panels) and water supply. ‘It’s not that there’s anything wrong with living on the grid, it’s just I’m not a huge fan of utility bills.’

When Kuldkepp is asked whether he considers himself an eccentric pioneer showing the way to affordable living, he simply replies ‘no, but anyone’s welcome to ask for advice.’

More on www.avrame.com. 


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