Number of foreign tourists in Romania up by 11.3% in 2017 (Demo)

In 2017, the total number of foreign tourists in collective tourist accommodation structures was 2,749  million persons and their total expenditure amounted to 6002.9 million lei, according to the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

In 2017, the foreign tourists arrived in Romania spent on average 2183.3 lei/person.

In 2017, the main reason of the non-resident tourists’ stay in Romania was business, attending congresses, conferences, courses, fairs and exhibitions (59.2% of the total number of non-resident tourists), their expenditure being 61.0% of the total expenditure.

The second reason of the non-resident tourists’ stay in Romania was the travels for private purposes (40.8% of the total number of non-resident tourists), out of which the holiday travel coming into prominence (64.6%). The travels for private purposes include travels for holidays, shopping, sports and cultural events, visit friends and relatives, medical treatment, religion, transit and other activities.

Weight of expenditure groups in total expenditure for business travels and in total expenditure for private travels in 2017

Of the total business expenditure, the greatest weight is represented by the accommodation expenditure (53.2%), the accommodation with breakfast included being preferred (90.2%). The expenditure of non-resident tourists with restaurants and bars was 18.2% and that for shopping 12.2%.

Of the total expenditure for shopping, 41.3% represented the expenses for purchasing food and beverages, followed by expenses for purchasing presents and souvenirs 36.7%. The expenses with car rentals had a weight of 54.7% of the total expenditure for transport, while the expenditure for purchasing tickets for amusement parks, fairs, casinos, slots halls represented 47.3% of the total expenditure for recreation.

Weight of business travels and private travels expenditure groups, in total expenditure group in 2017

Out of the total non-resident tourists arrived in Romania, 50.7% had their stay organised by travel agencies and 31.5% had organized their stay by themselves.
The main means of transportation used by the non-resident tourists arriving in Romania was the plane (77.9% of the total number of tourists). 12.2% of the total number of tourists used their own cars, followed by coaches and buses used by 7.7%, while 2.2% used other means of transportation (train, riverboats, car rentals, motorcycles etc.).


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