Official launching of OZB Magazine (Demo)

Last week, OZB Media officially launched OZB Magazine, a monthly lifestyle magazine for the international community.If you missed our great event, don’t worry, we have some great things coming up for 2018!! Events where you can enjoy Art & Design, OZB’s Cool Pool Party  and a lot more. Oh yes,  at the end of 2018 we will have our “Gala of the year”, this will be quite different from what you are used to. But that’s of course something that you can expect of OZB, we like to do things in a different way !

Besides great articles, the readers can expect something new of us: we will have four specials in our Magazine, called ” SEASONS”. In every “SEASON’ we look ahead to the forthcoming period. There will be a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter special. Nice and cool stuff for every period of the year, it’ s all about Fashion, Travel, Gadgets, Trends, Food and Drinks. Also in 2018, OZB Media wants to Inform, Inspire and Involve.

We can only do this with the help of some great partners, people who believed in OZB and see the benefit of our platform.

A big thanks to: Embassy of the Netherlands, Embassy of United Kingdom, Superbet, Nespresso, Stejarii Residential Club, Chivas, Lacerta Wines, Arthur Murray Dance Studio, MoneyCorp, Leonidas, GolfRoom, Kiosque des Douceurs, Renaissance Art Gallery, BEROBA, BRCC, NRCC.


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