OZB People: 10 questions for Giri Sisodiya (Fusion Feet)

Hi there. My name is Giri Sisodiya, Founder of FUSION FEET. By profession, I am a project manager. I moved to Bucharest in early 2018. To follow my passion for dance, I have designed a dance platform for all sorts of dance styles and music named it “FUSION FEET”. As the name suggests, Fusion Feet will fuse your heart into music and connect your soul with dance, differently. The motive behind Fusion Feet is to teach different dance styles and share knowledge about other dance styles under one roof.

  1. Please tell us about who you are and what you do.

My name is Giri Sisodiya, born and brought up in Rajasthan, India. After completing my university degree, in the early years of my job, I moved from India to Dubai. While living in Dubai, I met my Romanian wife. We lived two years together in Dubai, and in January 2018, we move to Bucharest. By profession, I am a project manager in a US-based construction company, having an office in pipera. Since my childhood, I loved to dance and play football. Slowly, as time passed, I start getting more close to dance. Regardless of place or music, I never left any chance to dance. For me, dance is a second language that I use to express my feelings and share my thoughts.    

2.    Share your backstory with us. How did your business or organization come about and what was it that switched you on to this area in the first place?

When I moved to Bucharest, everything was new to me. The language was the most difficult barrier for me as I never been in touch with the Romanian language before. For example, I learned Latino dance without knowing the words that the instructor was explaining as most of the time they used to speak in Romanian. Indeed time to time, they were telling me personally in English as well, but that wasn’t enough. So it was pretty hard for me to get the technicality and explanations. So once I finished my classes, I was searching the same or similar move on the internet to get more clarity. 

My base is Bollywood dance, but I wanted to learn more dance styles because I believe in diversity. As we say in the dance world, dance is a universal language, so I started making a fusion with Bollywood and other dance styles like Latino or afro, etc. From there I got the idea of “FUSION FFET”.  As the name suggests, Fusion Feet will fuse your heart into music and connect your soul with dance, differently.

The motive behind Fusion Feet is to teach different dance styles and share knowledge about other dance styles under one roof. 

3.    What do you think or hope the future has in store for you and your business? Where do you see yourself or your organization five years from now?

It’s pretty hard to say where I’ll be in the future precisely with Fusion Feet, but I am sure that in 5 years, Fusion Feet will be able to cross the local borders and will be well known in a whole Romania and other parts of Europe. I have performed local events like Namaste India and Embassy Festivals since last year. Last week (20-21 June 2020), I have participated in an international online dance competition (Digital Dance Competition) where my dance partner Ioana and I won the 3’rd place in the group category. There were more than 65 great dancers from all over the world. At this moment, I want to make my roots strong by taking the Fusion Feet project further. 

One of my favorite future project where I want to collaborate with different artists. In that project, Bollywood and Latino music & dance styles will fuse by a unique dance performance.

4.    How has lockdown been for you and your business and what have you done that has helped you personally and professionally?

At this moment, I am not a full-time dancer so due to my regular job I was able to survive in this lockdown. But, I have learned new dance styles and improved my dance knowledge by attending different workshops. I used to attend the Zoom dance class early morning at 5:30 as the instructor was from a different country. The overall lockdown was a good time for me to take a break from my regular life and think about the future.

But at the same time when I was looking around, I could feel sadness and fear in the society, so to keep people happy and spread positive energy around my people, I started a free online Zoom dance session every Saturday in the evening. Every week I am giving lessons for different dance styles like Bollywood, hip hop, afro, Latino, etc.  The attendees of my class were of all ages. The real reward for me is when I can see the smile on their faces after the dance, regardless of their dance level. One of the favorite feedback I received that she put the alarm for my classes so she will not miss the dance class. Such small but great gestures keep my passion always high. 

5.    What’s your take on Bucharest and Romania. What are the highs and the lows in your opinion?

Bucharest is a diverse city. You can meet people from all over the world here. Indeed, traffic is one of the low. But overall I love to live in such a city. Besides Bucharest, I like Cluj, Brasov, Sibiu where life seems a bit quieter. 

6.    What is your must-do/must visit/favorite thing to do or show off to visitors here in Bucharest and Romania at large?

I like museums and parks in Bucharest. Also, I want to mention the Old Town’s nightlife. There you can find a lot of pubs and clubs for food and dance.

Besides these places, you can visit Unirii Square where you can find beautiful fountains and the Dambovita river where I sit and analyze my dance music peacefully from time to time. 

7.    What is your number 1 recommendation now for a book/film/series/app/ or gadget?

I like to watch movies whenever I have time. I would recommend a couple of them.

The Last Dance (Michel Jordan’s story where the Bulls’ 1997-1998 season from start to finish, while also covering the rest of the chapters in Jordan’s remarkable career.) 

Kumare (A guy pretends to be a spiritual guru and changes people’s lives and then he explains why they do or do not need a guru to live a happy life).

8.    If you could eat in any restaurant in all of Romania and have dinner with anyone in the world (not a husband/wife/relative) which restaurant would that be and with which person?

I am very friendly with people so anyone who wants to laugh and enjoy the evening with me, I am ready for that. Also, when it comes to food, I like Asian cuisines a lot, mostly Indian and Japanese.

9.    Sum up your business in one sentence, what it is and why should people engage with it.

If you are a passionate dancer that wants to learn different styles, or you just love to dance, or you need some joy in your life than Fusion Feet is for you, and no matter which is your dance level or style you can enjoy the freedom of dancing.

10.     Describe your Romania in one word.



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