OZB Presents: From Dusk ’til Dawn in Vama Veche

Once a tiny village nestled between the Romanian and Bulgarian borders, Vama Veche is today a household name to mean debaucherous beach parties featuring a diverse cast of international characters and all around good summer fun. OZB’s David Shoup offers a rundown on what to do in Vama from sunset to sunrise. 

If you’re staying over in Vama Veche on the cheap, a number of hostels offer places to pitch your own tent (or rent one) for as little as 10-15 Ron per night. Goa Can, run by the affable and positively sunburned Doru, offers a particularly central location. 

Bucharesters taking a break from city life at Goa Can campsite

As the sun sets over the Black Sea, and appetites set in, walk down the main beachside boulevard to Army Burgers, where red beret toting and Che Guevera-bedecked staff will put together some of the finest burger and fries combos known in this hemisphere (the Kalashnikov burger, at 30 Lei, offers a literal bang for your buck). If you still have room for dessert, head inland one and a half blocks to La Papa Bun, which offers a divine sweet and savory selection of crepes. For those fancying a start to the evening a bit setback from the beach, La Capapele Rock across the street from Papa Bun offers nice cocktails. But for those who can’t get enough of the seaside, its sister bar La Canapele Party hosts a bumping beach boombox dance party that goes up the second the sun goes down, a proper start to an evening on this booming coastal town. 

The best nighttime crawl at Vama Veche begins at La Canapele Party and ends at Expirat. An aging beached sailboat wreck in front of Expirat (not to mention several dozen bungalow-style siting areas) offers a good spot from which the romantics can watch the sun rise. For the more hardcore morning swimmers, a better option is to enjoy the great soundtracks and enthusiastic crowd of Expirat before running straight into the waves at the first glint of morning light. 

Sunrise at Expirat

For most, the sting of early morning seawater and rapid onset of outdoor temperatures and late night clubbing is enough to put even the maddest partygoers to bed. But for those brave souls who wish to make it all the way to a noontime nap, Molotov Club is the place to go in order to catch the hippest post-dawn clubbing.

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