OZB’s Guide to What to Watch Under Quarantine

At the time of publication, OZB cannot predict with any certainty what is going to happen in the coming weeks and months, except that all public gatherings are definitely off.  What we do know is that this quarantine is likely going to last a little while, or at least long enough to catch up on some of the great content available for streaming on Romanian Netflix! So in lieu of our usual events page, don’t miss out on these titles while you’re trying to get along with loved ones in tight spaces.

Untamed Romania

This beautiful 2018 documentary just recently released on Netflix offers an incredible visual taste of the plethora of fauna roaming the wild lands of this country’s forests and plains. Tom Barton-Humphrey’s directorial debut is a cinematic and natural masterpiece that will have you sprinting to the mountains by the time this quarantine is lifted. 

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Not for the faint of heart but about as timely as it gets, Netflix certainly picked the right moment to release this six episode series that tackles the very questions on everyone’s mind in the age of coronavirus. Where do influenzas come from? Why are they so dangerous? What are scientists and doctors doing to prevent the next big one, and how will manage this one? Pandemic takes a deep and disturbing dive, but one that will ultimately leave you with more questions answered and some sense of light at the end of the tunnel.

Pandemic takes a dark look at past outbreaks and offers lessons for the present.

Darkest Hour

Another timely piece recently released just in time for long anxious days spent inside waiting for positive news, Gary Oldman’s Oscar-winning performance as Winston Churchhill is a strong testament to the power of one individual’s leadership in leading a people out of the darkness. Whether it’s beating Nazis or defeating Covid-19, politicians around the world today can look to the lessons learned and behavior modeled in this 2017 historical drama for how to lead calmly and pull a nation out of the grip of panic and melancholy. 

Gary Oldman and Lily James in Darkest Hour.

Rick and Morty

With the 4th season of this bizarre, metaphysical, and hilarious sci-fi adult cartoon just out, now is as good a time as ever to binge watch a show that delivers a slew of laugh-out-loud moments while also forcing us to consider some very real questions in a time of crisis. What is our place in the universe? Is there anyone else out there? And what should you do if your genius scientist grandfather turns himself into a pickle? 

The Terminal

Just out on Netflix this month, the Tom Hanks classic (we’re rooting for you Tom, get well soon!) is perfect both for those recently traveled and highly stressed over the border situation, as well as a subtle and touching reminder that anyone can find themselves a refugee in the most unexpected of times. This is a good time to indulge in comedies, and the Terminal delivers its fair share of quality punchlines, but the film also offers a gentle nudge in the direction of helping others in times of need. Look out for each other, and let’s hope the Hanks in Australia make a quick recovery.

Viewers worldwide can relate to the Terminal’s theme of being trapped in place.

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