Pandora: Magic of Nature (Demo)

Step into your power with new Pandora jewellery  reflecting the magical elements of nature. 

Timeless symbols of femininity, power and prestige reign over the season’s statement pieces of the Enchanted Nature and Promise of Spring jewellery series.

Intricate tassels create movement on exquisite sterling silver necklaces, charms and earrings, bringing a touch of regal luxe to day-to-night stylings. Another novelty, captivating crown rings in sterling silver, PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine – a new precious metal in 18k gold-plated sterling silver – can be stacked in several different ways; vertically, back to back or point to point.

A stunning chandelier necklace, choker and earrings put a sophisticated spin on spring-ready ensembles. Dainty dragonflies serve as powerful symbols of wisdom and transformation, taking flight in beautifully detailed rings and necklaces.

Delicate floral designs bring fairytale-inspired looks to perfection. The season’s most coveted duo, a dazzling inter-finger ring and a matching Magnolia brooch doubling as a necklace pendant, complement any feminine style story.

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