Partnership between Hope and Homes for Children and Holcim România (Demo)

By the end of 2018, Hope and Homes for Children will build, with the support of HOLCIM, Small Group Homes for institutionalised children in Neamt and Bucharest, as a part of the closure programme of institutions for children in Romania.

Hope and Homes for Children and Holcim Romania announce a strategic partnership for 2017-2018 through which Small Group Homes will be built in Neamt County and in Bucharest as part of the closure process of Robin Hood Institution (Bucharest Sector 4) Elena Doamna Institution, TarguNeamt.  The partnership starts on July 3, with the campaign “Build a house, donate a house” through which Holcim Romania donates to Hope and Homes for Children the value of one kilo of cement for each StructoPlus pack of cement sold until December 30, 2017.

Hope and Homes for Children aims to close down all old-type institutions in Romania, the so-called orphanages, until 2022. The programmes of Hope and Homes aimed to replace the institutionalised child protection system with one based on the family concept, by reintegrating children with their families, fostering children or placing them in Small Group Homes. Through this partnership, Holcim supports the children still in the two orphanages, which Hope and Homes for Children prepares to transition into Small Group Homes in 2018.

In these homes, the children have the chance to live in a family type environment, they benefit from support, emotional support, education and counselling for the development of independent living skills. By the end of 2018, 24 children will move in 2 Small Group Homes built in Bucharest and Targu Neamt with the help of Holcim, following the closure of Robin Hood and Elena Doamna institutions.

The partnership between Hope and Homes for Children and Holcim România starts with the campaign “Build a home, donate a home”, in which the company redirects the cost of one kilo of cement for each pack of StructoPlus cement sold. Under the slogan “The Home from a Home”, the campaign will be implemented nationwide, between July 3- September 30, 2017.

Big things are achieved through multiple small gestures. If you think that one kilo of cement is not such a big deal, think again: kilo by kilo, Holcim will change the lives of children who will benefit from a family type environment in the homes we are building together. Every day, children suffer around us, but each one of us can contribute and little by little they will regain their childhood back. What better thing could we do for them? Thank you, Holcim, for your confidence and generosity.” stated Ștefan Dărăbuș, Regional Director for Central and Southern Europe for Hope and Homes for Children.

At Holcim, we often say that cement has a soul, not only because it is produced by a special team,  but also because now, the StructoPlus cement with Duraditiv contributes directly to building homes and a sustainable future for deprived children. The solutions proposed by Holcim Romania always include a social component, either through the efforts we made to reduce our environmental footprint or through supporting the dreams of the communities we are active in. we are convinced that with the support of our customers and  together with Hope and Homes for Children we will fulfil the dreams of children currently in orphanages: a durable home and a place where joy and laughter will be always present.,says Bogdan Dobre, Commercial Director Holcim

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