Pegas goes international after listing on Amazon markets (Demo)

Pegas, the most famous bike brand in Romania, is going international after listing on Amazon markets. In addition to the local partners in Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and Poland, Amazon offers access to the entire European market and the implementation of a successful project will be followed by expansion to the United States of America.

“We did tests in the first six months, and the demand on Amazon for certain products exceeds dozen times the absorption power on the Romanian market. We will be listed on the five European markets Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the UK, from where products can be shipped across the EU,” Andrei Botescu, CEO of Pegas, said.

At the same time, Pegas is considering increasing the number of stores in the country, expanding the domestic and international distribution network and constantly upgrading the range of products.

Thus, by the end of 2020, Pegas will open at least 10 stores in addition to the existing ones, and the brand’s products will reach in 400 stores and 5 large retail chains.

“In addition, this year, any entrepreneur who wishes to become part of the Pegas story, he can do it by buying a franchise, as several dozen stores will open with this system by the end of 2018, both in the country and abroad,” the company informs in a statement.

“Pegas aims to become a benchmark for our evolution as people. If you are a child, you will surely want to ride a bicycle, if you like adrenaline or you love mountain walks, Pegas has solutions for that. If you are retired, but you do not want to quit, Pegas has a dedicated range for people in this category. If you want alternative ways of transport in your city without polluting it, Pegas has a dedicated range of bicycles and electric vehicles,” said Mihai Chipcia, sales director of Pegas.

A famous brand during the communist era, Pegas disappeared from the market after 1989 to return in force in 2012. With an initial investment of 70,000 euros, entrepreneur Andrei Botescu bought the brand and along with an enthusiastic team started production again, preserving the line that made Pegas famous and adding modern elements.

Pegas sold just 500 bikes in the first year after the relaunch, but it steadily grew to selling over 25,000 units annually and the company’s turnover jumped to RON 8 million in 2017.


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