Philips Lighting Masters the right light for home, offices, retail and architectural monuments (Demo)

Philips Lighting, the world leader in lighting, is empowering smarter cities, more efficient buildings and innovative retail experiences, by unlocking the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Philips Lighting transforms homes, buildings, stadiums and cities, while achieving unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, leveraging the IoT and circular economy.

“At Philips Lighting, we are taking light beyond illumination with our connected lighting innovations for homes, retail spaces, offices and cities. The Internet of Things enable us to reach new levels of energy efficiency by intelligently monitoring and managing lighting; create amazing new lighting experiences for customers and achieve outstanding business outcomes,” stated Bogdan Balaci, General Manager, Philips Lighting SEE.

Philips Lighting supports the transition to a circular, sustainable economy by providing “Light as a Service” model – Philips Lighting installs, maintains and manages the lighting throughout its lifecycle, but customers do not need to invest in hardware upgrades. By opting for circular lighting, customers can obtain future-proofed sustainable light without the normal investment costs, upgrade to the very latest LED lighting technology and energy savings up to 80% compared to conventional lighting. With the circular lighting model, lighting components are recycled at end of life.

The right light for offices

With Philips connected lighting, workers can personalize their office lighting with their smart phone and building managers can get real-time information to optimize space utilization and building efficiency.

Philips PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology uses PoE switches that transmit power and data over standard ethernet cables. In addition to illuminating office spaces with high quality and energy-efficient LED lighting, connected lighting with POE can inform owners of maintenance requests, room occupancy trends to better manage office space, temperature control, creating offices that are more efficient, sustainable and responsive. Furthermore, office workers can personalize lighting and comfort controls using an app on their smartphones.

Philips Lighting Romania offered intelligent lighting technologyfor the recently completed Aviatorilor 8 exclusive business center, located in Victoriei Square. More than 500 LED lighting products were used on an area of approximately 7,700 sqm, reducing the energy consumption by more than 50% compared to conventional lighting systems.

The right light for homes – Philips Hue

Philips Hue is the world’s leading connected lighting system for the home. It includes bulbs, strips, spots, lamps, fixtures and controls – from switches to motion sensors – powered by the Philips Hue bridge. Philips Hue goes beyond illumination to provide more than just light – to deliver new experiences, where the only limit is your imagination.

Philips Hue white ambiance unlocks the power of white light. This connected light bulb offers shades of white light to support your day-to-day routines. It can gradually brighten to help you wake up more naturally, and gently dim to help you drift to sleep more peacefully. Philips Hue white ambiance provides easy access to pre-set light recipes via the Philips Hue app on your smart device or the Philips Hue dimmer switch included in the starter kit.

The right light for retail spaces  Bearing in mind retailers need to contend with rising energy prices and to catch the customer’s eye with the proper light, Philips Lighting offers all the benefits of LED lighting without requiring them to invest in additional hardware. This can result in 40% energy savings and excellent color rendering, that makes products look simply irresistible.

Also, Philips Lighting provides an Indoor Lighting Positioning system that helps retailers to enhance the shopping experience for customers by guiding them to product through directions and location-based notifications. In this way, retailers can engage customers in a more meaningful way and use location data analytics to measure marketing impact and assess store operations.

Philips Lighting provided LED technology for numerous retail projects in Romania, such as Resto Aperto or Mega Image Concept Store in Bucharest.

The right light for architectural monuments

Philips Lighting works with local, regional, and national governments to help them achieve sustainability goals. Philips connected LED lighting can deliver energy savings of up to 80% over conventional systems. In Romania, Philips Lighting collaborated with local authorities from several cities, to bring to life historical monuments through the art of light.

An example is Deva citadel, where Philips Lighting combined a both functional and architectural lighting in one system. Through the unlimited possibilities of control and programming, the system adapts the image of the fortress to all the scheduled events throughout the year – national holidays celebration, city festivals or concerts, contrasting with the initial functionality of the building.

Philips LED lighting has also transformed the Iasi Palace of Culture architecture and brought new life to its night-time environment. Philips LEDline2 luminaires – a high-performance linear grazing light creating color-changing effects – were installed, enabling breakthroughs in energy savings and creating visual excitement, improved contrast and creating an overall more inclusive experience.


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