Poetry Takes Centre Stage (Demo)


Tramvaiul Douășase (Tram 26) was something poet Cristi Popescu wrote a lot about. The actual Tram 26 did exist and it had the longest route in Bucharest, a circular one and it rolled right through the night, but it doesn’t exist these days.

Today, Tram 26 is a house on Cercului St (The Street of the Circle) that hosts literary gatherings. Writers and artists meet there for readings, workshops and for a chat. Last weekend, April 21st and 22nd, the poet Tara Skurtu—featured in January’s OZB magazine—hosted a very well received creative writing workshop there. The Blecher Institute, an organisation that aims to raise the public’s awareness of important contemporary writers, regularly organises readings at Tramvaiul Douășase.

On Saturday, April 28th, Tramvaiul Douășase will officially open a new, dedicated, poetry-only bookshop within the premises. This comes from a desire to put poetry more firmly in the limelight, not a common practice in most book shops. If you want to read modern poetry but maybe aren’t sure where to start, you can be sure you’ll find something good at Tramvaiul Douășase.


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