Putting the “was” in Waste

“I find it’s important for people to start questioning their consumption habits, and where their food comes from”

Ana Maria Răducanu, owner of Magazin Zero Waste

A new kind of shop has opened in Bucharest, a shop which advocates for a more sustainable way of consuming, and promotes living economically whilst being Eco-friendly.

Magazin Zero Waste on Strada Buzești opened its doors last December, and has brought with it, an awareness and reflection to how we go about our groceries.

This shop has strictly no plastic packaging, instead calls for customers to bring their own containers, jars and boxes in which they can fill with a variety of herbs, spices, seeds, peanut butter, oil, vinegar, dried fruits and cereals. The shop also has locally produced Eco-friendly cleaning supplies and biological cosmetics such as creams and soaps. Zero Waste even has a small supply of free containers should you forget to bring any of your own.

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It is time for our governments to subsidize initiatives like this one! I would love to have more and more shops like this one to finally tackle our global plastic obsession.
Thank you for the great article!

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