Recycling Made Easy (Demo)

Do you want to do the right thing but find yourself confused as to where to go when you want to recycle your household waste? Here’s a suggestion.


SIGUREC is the most advanced household waste collecting service currently operating in Romania, with smart collecting machines that are easy to use, located in easily accessible locations (on the premises and in the parking lots of large retailers like Cora or Carrefour) and providing a home collection service – including for heavy home appliances like fridges.

SIGUREC is a broad initiative, implemented after an official agreement between private companies such as the Green Group holding, the Large Retailers’ Association of Romania (AMRCR), Ecopaper SA, Romcarbon SA, ALRO Slatina and public authorities–the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, municipalities and recyclers.

A broad range of waste types can be collected: PET bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles, WEEE, paper and cardboard, shopping bags / cling film, low and high density polyethylene containers (from cosmetics tubes to large cans), polypropylene (yogurt and sour cream pots), polystyrene (like CD cases), expanded polystyrene, Tetra Pak, batteries, light bulbs and neon lighting units. The machines also award bonuses according to waste types and quantities, that are redeemable in partner stores. For each PET bottle you will receive a 5 Bani bonus, for an aluminum can the bonus is 3 Bani and for a glass container you will receive a 1 Ban bonus.



Doinița Mihai, Project Manager Sigurec says:

”Back in 2012 we launched the first Sigurec station bringing the separate collection concept closer to the citizens. The positive feedback from consumers and the great need for functional collection infrastructure in Romania encouraged us to gradually extend our network nationwide to more than 250 collection points, in 5 types of solutions, fixed and mobile. 

As we have a constant care to develop and adapt the collection solutions to people’s needs and lifestyle, we’ve focused on some major aspects like rewarding system, traceability of waste and innovation. We’ve implemented a system in offering discount vouchers for shopping at retailers, even cash or the possibility to enter competitions and win prizes, while for those who are not interested in the economic benefits for themselves, we give the option to donate the value of the waste to certain social causes. But in the end, the greatest reward for our clients is that the waste they’ve collected is reaching the recycling factories and is being deviated from landfills, our number one enemy. Actually, the name SIGUREC is a Romanian acronym for the phrase for sure recycled ( SIGUR RECICLAT). And this is our daily mission and the promise to our clients.”

Romania generates about 290 kilograms of waste per person every year, so a family of three throws away around 870 kilograms a year! About 220 million tons of waste are discarded every year in the EU, but most of it is recycled, in some cases completely. In Austria, for example, all plastic packagings are recycled, while Germany recycles 99.5% of them, and the Danes–99.7%. Romania is still far from recycling to that capacity, but every effort counts. 

With the SIGUREC App, you can call to your home SIGUREC Mobil, the first waste collection service that is also free of charge. In addition, SIGUREC will monitor your recycling performance, will calculate your contribution to reducing the carbon footprint and will award you green prizes, according to the quantity and type of waste. 



You can read here about what one designer did with electrical waste and appliances from Sigurec as part of an art installation at Galateca Gallery.

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