Reflecting on Poiana’s Past

By Corneliu Tepelus

This is the story told by a ski instructor who worked in the resort of Poiana Brasov for 30 years:

My name is Corneliu Tepelus and I am a ski instructor and I’ve mainly worked in Poiana Brasov – Romania.

I was 18 years old when, in 1991, I started my career as a ski instructor in Poiana Brasov.

I remember with great pleasure the groups of Brits who came weekly to learn to ski at our resort.

In the 90s Poiana Brasov was one of the top destinations in Europe for British people to learn to ski.

Poiana Brasov was then voted the best resort in Europe for beginners.

The Romanian ski instructors at that time were very well qualified and had a good sense of socialization.

The ski instructors of that period were also guides and we became close to tourists. I remember with pleasure the apres ski parties where we made friends with our student guests.

The human side of the ski instructor’s life of that time led to lifelong friendships and in the summer many ski instructors were invited to the UK by their ski guests.

Tourism flourished in those years and I remember about 1,000 Brits came to ski each week!

Every Saturday there was a competition and in the evening at the party the ski school handed out diplomas and badges.

Saturday’s farewell parties were beautiful with music and dance bands.

For me, those times were the most beautiful times of my life and I hope that in the future British tourists will return to learn to ski in Poiana Brasov Romania again and in similarly large numbers.

I believe that in Poiana Brasov there should be a common travel agency that represents all the hotels and that agency should concentrate on bringing British tourists to Poiana Brasov.

We must take the example of our Bulgarian colleagues who turned their resort of Bansko into a great ski resorts that is now very popular with Brits. With the opening of the Brasov airport and with direct flights to and from the UK Poiana should once again be a firm favourite for British skiers.

I hope that those who decide the future of tourism in Poiana Brasov and Brasov will unite and make a common plan to promote the brilliance of Poiana Brasov resort to the British tourists again.

Together we can succeed!

Planning for the Future

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