“Remains of the Feast” – Challenging Mixed Media Installation

Many people gathered on May 19th at Galateca Gallery during the “open doors” night this year for a surprising, unusual dinner – an exhibition curated by David Sandu with a display design created by Vera Davidescu. A long table was set with big shiny cloches over 20 plateaus that ”served” the artworks, while masqued waiters were supervising the room.  


When the last tree will be cut, when the last fish will be caught and the last river poisoned, only then will we understand we cannot eat money.”

That was the motto of the interactive installation “Remains of the feast” where the contemporary jewellery and new media reflected the consumption and waste in society. Open between May 19-27, the opening event was part of the official tour of the Romanian Design Week and Museum Night 2018, on May 19. The exhibition is organised by Assamblage – The National Association of Contemporary Jewellery Authors and Designers, with the support of Carrefour Romania and Simplu.MakerShop, Nespresso and Tohani Romania.



Twenty designers, visual artists and architects explore the significance of the materials and production techniques and also the potential that design has to address issues such as sustainability, recycling and responsible consumption. The project is built around the central theme of King Midas, whose desire to turn everything he touched into gold brought him to his end. This might be the most representative metaphor for contemporary society and reframing king Midas’ feast in a luxurious setting we find what is left behind at a feast that has exhausted all resources.

In the context of realities such as fast-fashion being the second most polluting industry globally after the oil and gas, to name but one critical situation, the exhibition raises questions about the responsibility and actions of the public. One of the designers is Cleopatra Coșuleț with a jewellery collection made entirely from recycled materials such as plastic, metal, glass and cardboard containers, electrical waste and appliances from the Sigurec recycling stations, which can be found in the 21 car parks of Carrefour markets in the country.   

Go see it until May 27th!



Designers: Anca Croitoru, Andreia G. Popescu, Arina Nitulescu, Cleopatra Cosulet, Diana Tobosaru – Anayd Blu, Diana Vasile – Temper, Elena Crisan, Gabriel Popa – Hemfard Jewellery, Gena Tudor – Joyellissimo, Grigore Mitrea – WoodRepublic, Luiza Teodorescu – Malute, Mihaela Caravan, Mihaela Ciocalteu – Semper Argentum, Miruna Belicovici, Mona Velciov – Monotip, Monica Iacovenco, Razvan Popa, Roxana Hodorog, Tana Enedi – Life in Mono, Teodora Rus – Juls.

Cultural project signed by: Assamblage – The National Association of Contemporary Jewellery Authors and Designers in colaboration with Galeria Galateca and supported by Carrefour Romania.

Part of the Official Tour: Romanian Design Week, 24 H in The Creative Neighbourhood and Muzeum Night.

Partners: Simplu.MakerShop, Nespresso and Tohani România

Curator of the exhibition: David Sandu

Multimedia projections: by Mediaholic Studio

Display design: Vera Davidescu



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