RePatriot Summit starts today in Alba Iulia (Demo)

200 entrepreneurs from Romania and Diaspora will meet this week in the city of the Great Union – in Alba Iulia – animated by the slogan of the 3rd Edition of RePatriot Summit: „We make Romania better!”

Over the Summit period, from Thursday until Sunday, you can meet in the soul capital of Romania, you can meet both Romanians who have had success in business in America as well those who established businesses in the local market and managed to take these internationally in recent years.

Among the Romanians who will share their successful experience of the American continent are George Haber, who created many companies in Silicon Valley and sold them afterwards for hundreds of millions dollars and Dea Wilson, founder of Lifograph – The Wiki of People and serial entrepreneur. Valentin Făgărășian, Romanian entrepreneur from Italy, Constantin and Nichifor Boca from London who has developed important businesses in construction and other fields and promote organic products worldwide. With their support Aqua Carpatica has been listed in more than 100 locations, including Harrods, Wholefoods, Ocado and Tesco. Along with them – many Romanian entrepreneurs who know the recipe for the success of business expansion abroad will present their own case studies, such as: Radu Georgescu – founder of Gecad Ventures, Dan Isai – founder of SaladBox or Radu Constantinescu – co-founder of Qualitance.

Important entrepreneurs from Romanian Business Leaders such as Felix Pătrășcanu, Dragoș Anastasiu, Dragoș Roșca, Felix Tătaru, Florin Furdui together with Camelia Șucu, Sorin Mîndruțescu, Gabriel Zbârcea, Dan Călugăreanu and many others will create added value and bridges between Diaspora and our country.

In good RePatriot tradition, the third Summit in Alba Iulia on 4-7 October 2018, will be a platform for connecting Romanians from Diaspora to Country Entrepreneurs, discovering and offering investment opportunities at Home and at the same time an opportunity for Romanian entrepreneurs who want to enter the foreign markets or who have already managed to internationalize their companies.

Developed in a unique natural environment, steeped in history, that marked the evolution of Romania since December 1, 1918, this networking opportunity will be the launch of a special initiative created by the RePatriot team on this Centenary – “Top 100 Romanians from everywhere”- which will celebrate Romanians, whose personal example can inspire us all, those from Romania and those from the Romanian communities everywhere.

Marius Bostan, entrepreneur and initiator of RePatriot:

“This year we have a special initiative, which we are launching on the occasion of the Centenary, where we identified 100 remarkable Romanians in 10 key areas and we will applaud them at the event. We want them to be involved in the economic, cultural and social development of Romania, to inspire Romanians from home and those living abroad. We want this small step to continue it year after year and to meet our valuable people wherever they are. “

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