Romania, in top ten of largest ice cream producers in the EU (Demo)

Romania ranks 9th in the top of largest producers of ice cream in the European Union, with over 46.8 million liter, according to a Eurostat survey, entitled “Where does your ice cream come from?”.

Germany was the largest producer of ice cream in the EU last year (517 million liter or 16.5 % of the EU total production), followed by Italy (511 million or 16.3 %) and France (466 million or 14.8%).

Spain comes 4th, UK fifth, Poland sixth, Belgium seventh and The Netherlands 8th.

 A research from Mintel reveals that the global ice cream market was estimated to scoop sales of 13 billion litres in 2016, with India, Indonesia and Vietnam among the world’s fastest growing markets.

China was in 2016  the world’s biggest ice cream market, with sales estimated at 4.3 billion litres in 2016, followed by the US (2.7 billion litres) and Japan (756 million litres). However, in terms of individual ice cream consumption, Mintel research finds that Norwegian consumers are the biggest ice cream eaters, consuming 9.8 litres per capita in 2016, followed by Australia (9.4) and Sweden (8.9).

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