“Romania – wellness destination” was launched at Therme Bucharest (Demo)

DespreSpa.ro together with Travelle – wellness escapes (Romanian travel agency specializing exclusively in wellness tourism) and SPA Romania Association launched on November 1 the project “Romania – wellness destination”, an initiative that aims to place Romania on the map international wellness tourism.

Given that international wellness tourism is experiencing enormous increases from one year to the next, Romania has the prospect of attracting many foreign clients for wellness vacations.

Besides the international initiatives that support this and where SpA.ro is already a partner, such as: Eastern European Initiative, Wellness Tourism Initiative – from the Global Wellness Institute, Romania – wellness destination is the first local project to promote Romania from this perspective.

The spa and wellness centers participating in the first phase of the project are: Aphrodite SPA – Baile Herculane, Ana Aslan Health SPA – Hotel Europa, Eforie Nord; Country SPA – Snagov, Daniel Castle SPA – Tălişoara, Covasna; Forest SPA – Valcea; Iaki SPA – Mamaia; Imperia SPA Marina Regia Residence – Mamaia North; SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort – Cluj; SPA Teleferic Grand Hotel – Poiana Brasov, Therme Bucharest; Tisa SPA – Baile Olanesti; Vega SPA – Hotel Vega, Mamaia, Constanta.

The launch event of the Romania – wellness destination project was supported by Therme Bucharest.

“The first stage of the project Romania – wellness destination implied the designing by spa centers of specific Romanian spa rituals. We wanted all spa clients, Romanians or foreigners, to be greeted throughout the whole of Romania through unique spa experiences in the world. Experiences that you can not live in any other spa in another country because they start from the history of the place and from local ingredients: plants, salt, clay, sludge, but have been included in rituals and baths of thermal waters, etc. The foreign spa tourists will have the opportunity, within the spa circuits we are preparing to feel Romania from this perspective: the riches with which our country has been blessed,” said Ioana Marian, Founder of SpA.ro and the President of SPA Romania Association.

The relaxation spa market in Romania is still at a low level. There are a few dozen spa centers, especially in hotels and some day spa centers. Starting in 2012, Spa.ro centralizes and publishes the figures of the spa market in Romania. In 2017, Romania’s spa market figure was about 24.4 million euros, of which 15.6 million euros in spa access (pool areas, saunas and other spa facilities) and 8.8 million are the equivalent of the 262,856 spa treatments performed by 187,754 (unique) clients in spa centers.

With the mention that in 2017 there was a growth of an average of 16.1% of turnover, of which 5.4% of spa therapies. These figures are for relaxation services. Other types of services that can be offered adjacent to spa centers: slimming treatments, fitness, but also therapies made in balneary treatment facilities, etc. have not been included in the statistics.

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