Romanian employees are increasing the corporate discount market (Demo)

Employees from the extrasalary benefits platform made savings of about 1 million lei between January and April 2018, using the corporate discounts available exclusively for the companies where they work. 

In the first four months of the current year, employees made over 13,000 transactions in the Special Offers section of the platform and purchased products or services reduced directly from the platform, downloaded paid discount vouchers (coupons) in physical stores partner vendors, or accessing discount codes for purchases in online stores.

The discounts negotiated by on behalf of tens of thousands of employees using the platform range from 5% to 70%. Certain partners also offer free of charge, for limited periods, so that employees can experience their services and then be able to purchase them from the platform at preferential prices. lists over 1,500 discounts and special offers from around 800 unique suppliers.

Last year, extras payroll employees saved about 2.5 million lei, taking advantage of the corporate cuts available in the Special Offers section, and made nearly 20,000 transactions in this section.

“The Special Offers Area, represented by the corporate discounts and offers that most of the time only large employers can get through negotiating with suppliers, is one of the most appreciated by employees at the platform. Of the nearly 70,000 employees who choose their extrasalar benefits from the platform, 35% buy products or services from the corporate discount area for them or someone dear ones, “says Stelian Bogza, co-founder of

The most accessed categories in the Special Offers section accessible to employees in the platform are:

  • Sports and wellness (39%);
  • Fashion and beauty (20%);
  • Telecom and electroIT (14%);
  • Restaurants and cafes (8%);
  • Hobby and leisure (6%);
  • Medical (6%);
  • Auto (2%);
  • Other benefits (5%).

Corporate discounts are especially preferred by women – accounting for 60% of all transactions in the Special Offers section of the Millenials generation aged 20-35, working in industries such as call center and BPO, IT & software , banking and retail services.

Providers offering discounts on the platform have access at no cost to a new promotion and sales channel to a rising customer base from month to month and a growing appetite for this type of acquisition, save on salary.

“As a trend over the last few months, we’ve noticed that more new vendors enrolled in the platform offer employees the opportunity to pay for their services or products using the benefit budgets provided by their employers. Thus, for the employee, the cost of purchasing a product from the Special Offers section can be even covered with the company’s money where they work, “says Stelian Bogza.

Companies can offer their employees access to one or more services available at Flexible Benefits module (with monthly employee benefit budgets), Special Offers module (where employees can access corporate discounts), Premiere module (with budgets for various competitions or internal campaigns) and the Total Reward Statement.

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