Eurostat: Romanians, almost last in EU for holiday expenses (Demo)

Romanians spend on average less than EUR 125 for a holiday, three times less than the EU average of EUR 336.

Only Latvians spend less for holidays, according to data from the European statistical office Eurostat for 2016. Meanwhile, Bulgarians spend on average EUR 157, Hungarians – EUR 140 and Czechs – EUR 130.

Luxembourgish residents spent the most per holiday trip (around 768 Euro) in 2016, followed by residents of Malta (around 646 Euro) and Austria (around 607 Euro). On average in the EU, residents spent around 336 Euro per holiday trip in 2016.

Higher amounts of European spendings for holidays can also be seen in Belgium (EUR 591), Cyprus (EUR 489) and Ireland (EUR 479).

The French spend an average of EUR 353 for a holiday, the Italians EUR 360 and the Spanish EUR 230. The lowest values ​​of these expenditures are recorded in Eastern European countries, where the Poles spend an average of EUR 192 euros for a vacation, Bulgarians 157, Hungarians around EUR 140, and Czechs EUR 130.

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