Romanians who work abroad rent more expensive cars than foreigners when they return to Romania (Demo)

Romanians working abroad and returning on holiday in the country want to rent generally more expensive cars than those preferred by foreigners who  make their holidays in Romania, according to a study by Enterprise Romania, the car rental company that is part of the Eurolines group, owned by businessman Dragoş Anastasiu.

From the available data, the number of foreign vehicle reservation requests for August increased by more than 30% compared to August 2017. Of the total of those who rent cars from Enterprise Romania, around 80% are foreigners – either holidaymakers in Romania or businessmen across the border, 15% are Romanians working abroad and 5% Romanians living in the country. However, at the peak of the season, Romanians who work abroad and return to the country by plane are looking to rent cars more expensive than foreigners who come to spend their holidays in Romania.

“One third of the Romanians returning to the country in the country ask the car rental company BMW, Audi, Mercedes, but only a part of them and finally allow them. In this case, some people are satisfied with the Volkswagen cars , while those who want to pay less choose Logan. In comparison, foreigners who come to Romania holidays almost never ask for premium brands, but they rent rents from medium brands or larger cars with 8 + 1 seats”, says George Tacciu, general manager of the company. But there are few cases of Romanians returned from work abroad who rented BMW cars with 140 euros a day, when the Opel Astra compact class was 40 euros per day. The most expensive brands hire them, however, foreign businessmen who are interested in business in Romania. However, the number of Romanians renting luxury cars during the summer holiday season is, in particular, 10% higher than the rest of the customers.

The good part at this time for the returning Romanians who have reserved a car is that they can “wake up” with a car that is more efficient than the one chosen but for which they do not have to pay more. “August, being a crowded month, those who hire cars in the country are likely to receive a class upgrade, because having a previous reservation, the fleet may already be busy – that is, if they paid for a Opel car Astra, a compact class that is now leased to other customers, may be at a better price for the company, it can get an upgrade, station wagon or SUV,” said George Tacciu. The peak summer period for car rental in Romania is 01-25 August, the time when most Romanians from abroad are on vacation.

During this period, the demand for cars on the market exceeds the offer. Renting a car costs, on average, depending on the brand and type, between 25 and 120 euros, but it can also reach 189 euros per day. Aliens rent on average during this period a car for 6.7 days, Romanians returning from abroad for 17 days, and Romanians living in Romania for 11 days. Touring Rent Auto has been operating since 2001, and since 2014 is the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand, the world’s largest brand. In Romania, the Enterprise owns a fleet of 1,000 cars with the latest Opel and Renault models and has offices open to all airports in major cities: Otopeni, Cluj, Constanta, Timisoara, Targu Mures, Iasi and Sibiu.


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