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Pâine şi Vin is one of those rare places that impresses on every level and it’s a celebration of Romania and three of the things that this country can do best: bread and wine – as the name suggests – and interior decor. PsV has a huge range of Romanian wines from all across this country (as well as Moldova) along with an array of breads and cheeses and assorted other delicious eats. The simple and clean decor with exuberantly bright wood and tiles appears at first glance to be Skando-chic but is actually 100% românesc. Huge bell-shaped porcelain light shades hang down, there’s a cavernous oven, the better for making aforementioned bread, a long bar that becomes a high table, neat little tables with cute, plain wooden chairs, an upstairs area, open vents cross the ceiling along with wooden beams and there’s a liberal sprinkling of cute, little decorative flourishes – very modern and very agreeable. The ambiance is casual and confident as is the service.



This is a great place to come to expand your understanding of this nation’s viniculture. There are an assortment of wines from each of these regions: Dobrogea, Muntenia, Transylvania, Oltenia, Maramureş, Banat, Moldova and from the Republic of Moldova and all are available by the glass or by the bottle. Prices per glass range from 17 lei to 49 lei, staff are on hand and knowledgeable.

There are all kinds of breads from the very simple to the very complicated. There are gorgeous platters with cheeses, hams, fruits and nuts, seriously Italian pizzas and breads from Mexico, Belgium, Bengal and Scandinavia. As with the wine the emphasis here is on local produce.  

You could very easily go to Pâine şi Vin yourself and park yourself at the bar and enjoy the wine, the food and the ambience, but as the Împarte Împreună slogan associated with PsV implies – share together – this place is for enjoying in company – the food is designed to be shared and it’s best that way.


The only criticism I have is that some of the big reds are a little on the cold side. This is easily remedied, but necessary for the full complexity and wondrousness of their flavours to emerge.        

Find PsV a five minute walk west from Universitate Metro on Str. Actor Ion Brezoianu 4.

See or visit their Facebook page for more information.


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