Silk Garden Party 2018: launch of the new Silk Essentials collection (Demo)

Designer Laura Hincu launched on June 21, 2018, the third edition of the Silk Garden Party, the first line of premium silk accessories for men, as well as the new collection of essential pieces for women’s wardrobe.

Silk Essentials MAN includes classic accessories that complement any outfit and define the style of a true gentleman. The bag, classic tie, ascot tie, scarf, handkerchief, waistcoat, cashmere scarf, silk and silver buttons, and cashmere and silk scarf, along with the sinamay holiday hat made in collaboration with Kristina Dragomir and jacket pins made with Magnolia Atelier, forms the first line for men launched under the brand Silk Essentials.

The 35 pieces of the new women’s collection are in two main directions: the first brings fluids and very feminine textures like silk veil and satin, and the second one is minimalist interpretation of architectural pieces created from rigid but extreme textures of elegance, taffeta and mikado. Some pieces are made of silk blend with other natural fibers of cotton or cashmere.

Designer Laura Hîncu’s proposals for the new Silk Essentials collection include all categories of clothing suitable for both daily wardrobe and special events.

The Silk Garden Party 2018 also marked the two-year anniversary of Silk Essentials In addition to Laura Hincu, the event was attended by personalities from television, music and the creations of the designer: Albertina Ionescu, Diana Munteanu, Giulia, Corina Caragea, Olimpia Melinte, Eli Roman, Claudia Pavel, Iulia Verdeş, Crina Abrudan, Maria Radu, Marinela V. Ardelean, Maria Andrei.

Other personalities present at the event were Valentin Butnaru, Geanina Ilies, Alex Vang, Adrian Nartea, Cristina Cioran, Vlad Huidu.

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