Silverfish – Made in Transylvania (Demo)

“The crickets in our hills will not let me sleep, they’re scratching out a living with families to keep”. So run the lyrics of the haunting title track on the debut album created in Transylvania by British author/singer-songwriter Mike Ormsby. If you’ve enjoyed reading his books, listen to his songs, which range in genre from jazz to country, pop to rock, reggae to punk. “Isabella” is a lovely ballad about a trilingual four-year-old. “Don’t Call Me Honey” a scorching riposte to a smecher lover, and “Dear Geronimo” a rousing call for civic action, written a few months before Romania’s recent street protests.

An eclectic mix for discerning ears, the fifteen tracks on “Silverfish” were recorded and produced by veteran Romanian keyboardist Walter Dionisie, whose lovely accompaniments fit seamlessly. “Walter is a musician’s musician, heart and soul,” adds Mike, “we worked hard but had lots of fun.”

Brașov starlet 16-year-old Rebecca Zaharia sings on three duets and has a powerful voice for one so young. If she’s this good now, accolades await?

Ormsby plays a mean guitar, slinky bass, and deft harmonica; his melodies flow easy on the ear and his inimitable wordplay enhances every line. Sometimes amusing, always affecting, this album is contemporary, yet timeless. Give “Silverfish” a spin on Spotify, Deezer, Apple, or Amazon.



Mike Ormsby and Rebecca Zaharia                        Tea break with  Walter Dionisie 

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