SMARTER For Families leads the way to GREEN FINANCE (Demo)

By Rodica Purcel

The current socio-economic global environment exerts a lot of pressure on the natural environment, threatening our planet’s limited resources. The need for more green investments is now. One hears talk about green revolution, green energy, and green lifestyles. But what about Green Finance? 

Green Finance is a concept designed to increase investments in environmentally and socially responsible projects while simultaneously reducing the associated financial risk. Green Finance creates opportunities to positively transform the overall performance, quality, comfort and financial viability of Europe’s new and existing housing stock.

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Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) promotes environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in the Design, Construction, Operation and Deconstruction of Romania’s built environment. Its newest project – SMARTER Finance for Families, has received funding under the EU’s Horizon 2020 program and has qualified among the top 3 finalists in the “Leadership” category of the 2019 EU Sustainable Energy Week Awards.

SMARTER Finance for Families implements ambitious but practical Green Homes & Green Mortgage solutions in 12 European countries. This is made possible via the collaboration and participation of 17 expert teams in green building, green energy and green research, from Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The project uses Green Homes certifications to assess and recognize top performance in residential projects that incorporate sustainable construction principles. Evidence from financial and technical modeling has proven that investing in energy efficiency and other green building attributes for homes:

  • Improves housing quality;
  • Reduces the total monthly cost of ownership for the homeowner;
  • Increases sales prices for the project developer/investor and substantially;
  • Reduces substantial financial risk for the partner banks;

“Through the SMARTER Finance For Families project we bring an innovative and systemic solution to a systemic problem. We are creating significant opportunities for the finance and building industry to deliver the green performance we need for Europe’s citizens and their homes.” – said Steven Borncamp, Project Director at SMARTER.

In addition to improving citizens’ lives, the program also addresses the needs of residential project developers, financial institutions offering residential mortgages, and investors and companies offering services, products, materials, technologies and other solutions that are key to the construction and operation of green, energy-efficient residential properties.

Representatives from the national and local government, associations promoting environmental protection, energy efficiency and/or better housing, as well as anyone else interested are invited to find out more about how this program creates new funding opportunities for green homes, while actively improving building standards in the participating countries.

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