Snapshot: Anamaria Diaconescu, HRCC (Demo)

Anamaria Diaconescu is Executive Director of Hellenic Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce (HRCC).

How do you like your coffee ?

Generally speaking I LOVE coffee. I like all types of it, from Espresso to Cappuccino and Americano. Lately I am trying to follow the trends and not to add sugar on it and surprisingly I started to enjoy it even more. But what makes my coffee special is that I always associate it with a beautiful break, to see friends, socialize and communicate more with the people in my life.


What’s your favorite app ?

Beginning of this month I have downloaded a very nice and easy to use fitness application, called “Tonusapp”. It is very useful as one can have a 30’-45’ minutes training session even at home, with very few training tools. The application, based on daily programs, provides short videos of the exercises so that at every moment you are sure that you execute the moves in the correct/proper way.

As we live in the era of applications, I must admit that I have one more app that represents an indispensable part of my life for more than one year, a music application “Karnaval” and a favorite FM station called “Joy FM”.


Name 3 things you always carry with you.

My perfume, my phone 🙂 and my sport bag.


What’s your favorite place in Bucharest?

Tough question. There are so many beautiful places in Bucharest and I am very happy and proud that more and more tourists started to visit our capital city in the last years. I will mention a place that I have frequently visited in the last month, the Romanian Athenaeum, a “must see” place that elevates our soul and mind.


How did you spend your last holiday?

I was in Vienna for the NYE and so far it has been my best vacation ever. A lot of unforgettable memories collected from cozy places, long walks in the streets and Mozart (both music concert and marzipan chocolates :))  


What newspapers/magazines do you read?

OZB Magazine for sure is one of my choices, especially during the weekends, with a good coffee and cookies around. I like to read also Forbes, Harvard Business Review for keeping up with the economic, political and financial news.


What colour is your kitchen ?

White, what else..?  🙂


Name 3 favorite hobbies.

Listening to good music

Running in the park in a sunny day

Travelling to Europe for city breaks


The most important person in your life is…?

The person that has always been by my side, on my ups and downs, loving me unconditionally and mentoring me for becoming the woman I am today. Curious enough..? 


What is your favorite car?

BMW – Mini Cooper.


If you wouldn’t have your actual career/job, what would you like to do (as a career/job)?

I would like to be a nutritionist, helping people living a healthier and happier life.


What do you like best about Romania?

I start more and more liking the enthusiasm of the Romanian people that is, in my opinion, the base for a brighter future, their attitude toward the new wave of entrepreneurship and innovative ideas.



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