Snapshot: Gladys Abankwa-Meier-Klodt, IWA Romania (Demo)

Gladys Abankwa-Meier-Klodt grew up in North America and Ghana as the child of two career diplomats. A graduate with two degrees in microbiology and immunology from McGill University, she nominally defected from the natural sciences some 20 years ago and has been writing, designing, and training others to communicate across cultures ever since. Her work includes the first architectural history of New Delhi’s purpose-built diplomatic enclave, and initiation of a series of workshops to prepare Federal Foreign Office (Berlin) families for ex- and repatriation. Mother of 2 adult children and spouse of a German career diplomat, with the experience of life-enriching stays in Russia, the US, the UK and India, she arrived in Bucharest with her husband, now Germany’s ambassador to Romania, in January, 2017.

How do you like your coffee ?

I don’t! My hot beverage of choice is water.


What’s your favorite app ?

No contest: Pinterest. It is positively addictive! I get inspiration for life and leisure by browsing its catalogue of ideas.


Name 3 things you always carry with you.

I can’t see without them, so I always wear my glasses. I don’t leave home without some form of ID and a bank card.


What’s your favorite place in Bucharest ?

The area around Parc Icoanei, for its atmosphere and architectural splendour.


How did you spend your last holiday ?

Relaxing and hiking in the mountains of central Greece, and visiting the marvellous hilltop monasteries at Meteora.


What newspapers/magazines do you read ?

The New York Times and the BBC World Service on-line, on a daily basis.


What colour is your kitchen ?

White, with stainless steel appliances.  I didn’t select it, but the design is both state-of-the-art and calming. It is also, however, rather unforgiving when it comes to fingerprints and stains.


Name 3 favorite hobbies.

In no particular order: Travelling and exploring off the beaten track, experimenting with food preparation and presentation, and writing non-fiction.


The most important person in your life is…?

I couldn’t possibly name any single person; that would not only be reckless but profoundly unfair. More than one person lays claim to that place in my life.


What is your favorite car ?

I’m afraid I am not much of a car fan – anything that gets me safely from A to B will do. I prefer to walk or ride my bicycle, when possible.


If you wouldn’t have your actual career/job, what would you like to do (as a career/job) ? I’d love to be lifestyle consultant.

What do you like best about Romania? I have been fortunate enough to travel the length and breadth of this stunningly beautiful country in the relatively short time I have been here. The unique natural beauty is second only to the openness of the Romanian people – both their minds and welcoming culture.




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