Snapshot: Jolyon Salvadore M’Bei, Leonidas (Demo)

Jolyon Salvadore M’Bei is the owner of a delicious franchise Leonidas  in Romania. It was his mother’s idea and in his shop in Bucharest you can find today over 100 different types of luxury chocolates. There is sure something to tempt you !


How do you like your coffee ?

I like my coffee black a little spoon of sugar and above all, a piece of chocolate.


What’s your favorite app ?

My favorite app is WhatsApp, because it keeps me tuned to all my friends.


Name 3 things you always carry with you.

My wallet, my watch and my cell phone.


What’s your favorite place in Bucharest ?

Except my store terrace, I would say the old city center.


How did you spend your last holiday ?

On my bike with some friends across the mountains of Europe, Austria (Grossglockner), Italy (Stelvio), Germany.


What newspapers/magazines do you read ?

Most of the time, I get my information on the net. For example, “Ziarul Financiar” in Romanian, or “Le Monde” in French.


What color is your kitchen ?

The color of my kitchen is orange and yellow.


Name 3 favorite hobbies.

Motorbikes, sports (tennis and ski), movies.


The most important person in your life is…?

Like most of us, I would say my parents, but as my father is gone in 2009…my mother.


What is your favorite car ?

Don’t make me get started about cars or motorbikes…but to be short, I would say: Alfa Romeo.


If you wouldn’t have your actual career/job, what would you like to do (as a career/job) ?

If I had to start all over again … professional sportsman (except football). But to remain concrete, I would say a pastry chef.


What do you like best about Romania ?

It’s my country and I feel at HOME ! For the rest, I presume the same reason that made my father remain here 🙂

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