Snapshot: Kent Orrgren, CEO World Class Romania (Demo)

Kent Orrgren is CEO World Class Romania.

How do you like your coffee?

Strong and soft. I start every day with a cup of double espresso macchiato.


What’s your favorite app?

I have a few apps that I always use. Run Keeper is one of them. I really enjoy running, so this app helps me keep track of all my distances and routes. At the end of the week I can see if I’ve reached my goal. There is also the Black Cab app. Without it, moving through Bucharest can be a real challenge. And, of course, Instagram. 


Name 3 things you always carry with you.

I have the picture of my daughter on me all along. But, in the morning, when I’m leaving home, I always check to have my phone and my gym bag.


What’s your favorite place in Bucharest?

Definitely Herăstrău Park. I really enjoy running in this park. Its surroundings and the vibrant feeling you find there are special. I also appreciate some of the restaurants in Herăstrău where I can enjoy my favorite dishes.


How did you spend your last holiday?

This year, I’ve been spending some time offin the west part of Sweden, together with my daughter, enjoying the nature and being active with training.


What newspapers/magazines do you read?

Daily, I read general news platforms like CBS news and CNN. To be up to date with the local news, Romania Insider it’s my source of information.


What color is your kitchen?

Black tiles and wooden furniture. I appreciate the elegance of this mix.


Name 3 favorite hobbies.

Skiing downhill, golf and training. Sports are a part of my everyday life and also my biggest interest at this moment. Combined with business and leadership skills, I want to help people become more active are more often.


The most important person in your life is…?

My daughter.


What is your favorite car?

Porsche Panamera. I think it represents the performance definition in the luxury class.


If you wouldn’t have your actual career/job, what would you like to do (as a career/job)?

For sure you could have found me on the ice field, playing ice hockey, because at 19 years old I was a semi- professional player. If not that, I would have been on the golf course.


What do you like best about Romania?

First of all, the people that are nice and sociable. Then, the closeness of nature, having everything very close from going to the mountains to going to the beach, and the very active social life, with nice restaurants and really good food.

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