Snapshot: Rob Bousie, Light Into Europe Charity (Demo)

Rob Bousie is Business Development Manager at Light Into Europe Charity.

Many people long associated with Romania will know Light into Europe as the provider of the only air-ambulance service from the mid-1990s until 2003. During this period, more than 5,000 flight hours helped saving almost a thousand lives by Capt. Stan Platt’s crews.

In addition to an increasing number of air-ambulance flights, the charity also developed its work in hospitals, orphanages and schools around the country, providing medical and social training, humanitarian aid, medical equipment and medicines.

With the discontinuation of our air-ambulance activities in 2003, owing to increasing difficulties with the Ministry of Health, an analysis of the humanitarian situation in Romania revealed that almost all the funds and attention are directed towards hospitals and orphanages, whilst the blind and deaf communities receive very little support.

Since 2004, we focused our efforts on developing support for two Cinderella groups: the sight impaired and the hearing impaired. Light into Europe’s teamwork and dedication has resulted in 120 successful medical and social projects in Romania, involving more than 1000 volunteers and almost 4 million dollars worth of donations in kind.


How do you like your coffee ?

I’m British…I exclusively drink English Breakfast tea with milk.


What’s your favorite app ?

Adobe Clip, lets me create short videos for Facebook in seconds!


Name 3 things you always carry with you.

My phone, poo bags (for when I have a dog)& metro pass.

What’s your favorite place in Bucharest ?

Vacaresti Delta, love the unique species so close to the city.


How did you spend your last holiday ?

Walking up mountains and down gorges in Montenegro!


What newspapers/magazines do you read?

BBC website if that counts…


What colour is your kitchen ?

Rented flat…so cream!


Name 3 favorite hobbies.

Watching any sport, playing ultimate frisbee & walking dogs!


The most important person in your life is…?

My wife, Naomi.


What is your favorite car?

Our Business Lease sponsored Dacia Duster they provide to transport our Guide Dogs around, has been on many adventures.


If you wouldn’t have your actual career/job, what would you like to do (as a career/job) ?

Sports commentator – somewhere I could use all the random facts I’ve learned!


What do you like best about Romania ?

The people, so welcoming….and the Retezat Mountains 🙂




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